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XML Satellite Sub Systems

IMS Voyager Communications Sub-Systems

The communications sub-systems allows an unlimited number of inventory owners to be managed from a single administrative back-end.

MultiLinx® Portal adds further capabilities by allowing an unlimited number of licensed websites to log-in directly to their own secure administrative area and effect changes online at their convenience in response to seasonality and market conditions.

DistribuLinx®, is an OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant XML web services based Reservation Data Exchange Switch. It is fully scalable and easily configurable. It provides Web Portals the ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consume XML or any form of online data from suppliers.

For suppliers, DistribuLinx, enables them to expose their Inventory System / CRS as OTA compliant Web Services in a cost effective and secure manner giving them a wider reach.

IMS DistribuLinx® applies business rules and real time database interconnection links between multiple resellers with MultiLinx & RezTxfer applications, warehouses and a master manufacturer’s or Distributors Channel Partner application.

RezTXfer® & RezLinx® system allows client websites to dynamically retrieve data as needed, just as if there were a persistent server connection.

IMS Enterprise Voyager and IMS Satellite Voyager is ideal for companies requiring an Internet based enterprise wide reservations software system sharing real time files and data at unlimited local or remote websites.

Our IMS Voyager Enterprise system and/or IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway® and ChannelPartner® for Distribution Strategies, takes this functionality upwards to a whole new level with extended partner capabilities, and also the ability to share its database with multiple Enterprise “Satellite” or ‘Child’ versions of Enterprise. This allows client websites to have the fully functioned satellite version of Enterprise run on their website sharing data directly via a communication sub-system within the main Enterprise database, as well as the standard Enterprise Portal features.

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