Content Management

Reservation Software with Content Management and WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)/HTML editor.

IMS Voyager reservation software includes an online WYSIWYG/HTML editor that lets you create or edit content of your IMS description pages online.

IMS uses the latest version of TinyMCE one of the most popular editors. TinyMCE is platform independent, means you can use it with your favorite browser.


    • text formatting (bold, italic, underline)
    • text alignment (left, center, right, just.)
    • lists (bulleted, numbered)
    • indents
    • text color (foreground, background)
    • horizontal rulers
    • link/unlink
    • view HTML code
    • add date and time
    • paste from word or as plain text
    • insert images and videos
    • insert special characters
    • copy
    • search
    • add anchors
    • insert/edit tables/cells/rows
    • remove formatting
    • subscript / superscript
    • insert emotions insert none-breaking space characters preview
    • Hovering over an icon will display a text with an explanation of its function.
Reservation Software WYSIWYG Editor

Reservation Software WYSIWYG Editor

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