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The ODIN Value-Added Reseller & Affiliate Program!


An automated referral program that provides signed up affiliates in good standing to earn 10% of sales for a purchase of a source code download referred by them via their affiliate link.


Maintaining user adoption and your customers’ software skills are challenges that don’t end at ‘go live.’ Our Value Added Reseller (VAR) program helps you sustain new customers’ continued success and offers a “value-add” entry point back into existing customers as you renew relationships.

We can help your:

Sales teams create new revenue by reselling ODIN software to help your customers create, manage, and distribute reservation and ticketing software for enterprise and web-based applications.
Professional Services teams deliver successful implementations more quickly and efficiently using ODIN software.

The ODIN Value-Added Reseller Program

Deliver rapid deployments, accelerate adoption, reduce risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

ODIN is a leading tourism and passenger transportation COTS/MOTS, digital software platform, and the leading white label, end-to-end platform for reservations, ticketing and fare collection system based on open technology.

We’ve Built Our Business on Partnering

for more than a decade, alluding has partnered with global software vendors to deliver reservation ticketing solutions that support successful software implementations and accelerate user adoption for clients.

By partnering with IMS, you are able to offer your customers a comprehensive and economical platform approach to ensure return on their software and implementation investment. Our partners have generated new revenue streams, increased customer satisfaction, and differentiated themselves from competitors.

Our Value-Add Reseller Program

The Odin VAR program includes three key opportunities:

• Create new revenue by reselling ODIN software to help your customers meet their reservation and ticketing needs, across a wide variety of enterprise and web-based applications.
• Use ODIN software to enable your professional services team to more quickly and efficiently deliver successful implementations.
• Use ODIN software to power your company to drive revenue with both product and equipment licensing opportunities.

Partners in our VAR program share revenue based on that license value and all Odin products are priced on an end user basis. We offer both perpetual and subscription-based licensing.

IMS with its Odin software has operated globally for many years. We serve and support customers in many countries, with regional VARs, a global product support organization and professional services.

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