Related Product Linking (Up-Selling)

This merchandising feature allows you to create unlimited links between products that are similar or complementary.

Let’s say a customer selects a trip ticket, room, tour or product. You could create an up-sell link to other added value items and more…

  • The buyer has now the opportunity to see related products on the same page as the main product and select them right away.
  • Without this feature, the buyer may forget to buy these other products.
  • Complimentary products are displayed on the same page.
  • The benefit for you the retailer is to offer more products and make more sales out of your Website.

The configuration is very simple. Within ODIN Admin module, you select the first product in a window and you select the related product in the second window. You save your configuration and the link is done. You can configure as many as you wish.

Each related product can be selected by a visitor to know more about them and they are then able to purchase them.

Plus, you can choose the maximum to show at any time and give the related items an order so they show up in the order of priority you want, or leave the list orders blank and the products will show in random order.

So, give your customers a superior shopping experience with all the features of the big online stores at a fraction of the price.

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