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Transit Reservation Software

Voyager Transit™ Passenger Reservation Software System


It is ideal for ferry, bus, airline, water taxi, train, tour, activity, excursion, event, and attraction providers, such as, boat tour reservations, cruise operators, coaching companies, shuttle services, etc….

TRANSIT will also operate in conjunction with all other Voyager modules which enables TRANSIT operators to offer additional tour, food, accommodations and other services.

It enables customization, social engagement and on-the-go access through a seamless channel experience via mobile devices, tablets and user’s computers.

TRANSIT for Bus Lines & Passenger Transport

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Voyager TRANSIT reservation software is a modular and highly configurable solution for ferry, bus, airline and rail operators, designed to meet the diversity of operational models present in their industry.

Support for passenger-only services through to conventional operations catering for both passenger and freight vehicles, also those operators offering on-board accommodation and dining.

Maximize bookings directly for your customers using real-time inventory control, through the web, mobile, or over the phone.

TRANSIT Ferry Features

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The Sales Staff (Call Center) Desk allows the website owner to utilize internal Sales Staff or inbound/outbound Call Center staff or Kiosk based staff to book or make reservations on behalf of a client.

This allows your Sales Staff to take orders by telephone, a kiosk, fax or email and enter them directly into IMS Voyager via their browser to create reservations, print tickets (or book tours using the clients profile selected from the client list).


With the Voyager Tour reservation module you have a fully integrated system that allows you to set up a variety of commission and payment related access points for your travel agents and third-party resellers of your products.

The Travel Agent Reservation System component in each module will enhance efficiency in keeping rate contracting / allotments updated in real-time.

For your larger travel agents or travel agent companies you are able to establish credit limits and payment schemes which also allow these companies to assign their own internal or third-party travel agents with their unique username passwords who are then able to utilize the total credit limit for that travel agent company.

TRANSIT has a check-in and integrated boarding security system providing all tools and advanced technologies for access, registration and boarding operations of passengers, vehicles and cargo.

TRANSIT check-in/check-out environment can be fully optimized for passenger flow control to allow fast and error-less check-in procedures at the embarkation port terminals and/or directly on board.

The Voyager system is a complete reservation and merchandising system that fully integrates not only the booking and payment process, but also ALL the other components you need to successfully market online and all managed from a single back-end administration.



With NO commissions or monthly fees, it’s designed to integrate into either your existing or a new web site and allows your visitors to enjoy the convenience of a one-stop availability check at your website, instant purchase and auto-generated email confirmation.

TRANSIT is part of our proven Voyager software system, including new proprietary algorithms that uses a multi-tiered association schema, it easily manages both complex (multi-leg) and simple (one-leg back and forth) rounds trips.

Ferry System

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