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Reservation & Ticketing Software

ODIN Voyager Enterprise is a flexible Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) reservation & ticketing software that can be configured or modified to match the majority of transit, travel & event activity business models.

Based on our current COTS or MOTS ODIN Voyager reservation software platform, we provide you with a professional business analysis of your requirements!

Modified off-the- Shelf (MOTS) is a type of software solution that can be modified and customized after being purchased from IMS. MOTS is a software delivery concept that enables source code or programmatic customization of our standard prepackaged, market-available software.

We offer consulting services and TurnKey Solutions based on our ODIN Voyager reservation system to help travel & transit companies of all sizes and types to find the best solutions for their business development.


Our competencies are derived from extensive experience in transit, travel and tourism software development, integration, maintenance and support.

To improve the performance of your online travel business, you need a reliable strategic foundation based on business process analysis, infrastructure research and deep field-specific knowledge in travel software.

Increasingly, many segments of the reservation & ticketing services industry are turning to COTS, MOTS and cloud software solutions to help meet growing regulatory requirements, relentless productivity pressures, and increasingly complex customer engagement models.

Configuring software presents its own set of challenges. Since inception in 2001, we have expanded our configuration capabilities beyond the core system set-ups, in response to our customers’ call for more flexible applications. Our solutions include feature sets designed and written by us with functional configuration capabilities as well.

These capabilities include sophisticated rules engines with hundreds of rules as standard, decision algorithms, and workflows that can add or modify features and functions in the application.

The majority of hosted or shared reservation applications available today are limited in function and do not allow customization.

Across the reservation & ticketing services industry, organizations are investing in our COTS & MOTS cloud software solutions to help meet their business challenges. They are looking for robust solutions that are cost-effective to install and maintain, and easy to customize in response to changing demands.

Transit & Travel Technology Consulting

With our transit & travel technology consulting services you will receive the best help concerning optimization, planning and measuring of business processes.

We do technology audit, gap analysis and work out the most effective strategies to reach your goals in the global transit & travel industry.

Depending on your needs and requirements, business analysis includes:

• Understanding and documenting business requirements
• Capturing and analyzing business processes
• Investigating and analyzing alternative solutions from third party suppliers of ancillary equipment
• If needed, facilitating the engagement of key personnel in the discussion of the project
• Drafting overall system architecture and selecting proper technical solutions for implementation
• Proposing optimal development approach, agreeing about priorities and project phases
• Creating and documenting the Vision of the project and the high-level implementation plan

We have been working with many reputable providers of travel software and services for many years, and we are always open for cooperation.

Our Voyager and Enterprise level reservation software already comes standard with many powerful features to build upon.

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