Tour Reservation Software – Inventory Control

One of the core measurements of a tour reservation system’s capabilities is determined by its specialized inventory management system. How easy and how well the tour reservation software empowers its users to create, price, allocate and modify inventory in real time, is a true measure of a reservation software’s integrated real-time inventory management capabilities.

I will outline below, some of the capabilities of the Odin tour reservation software module. All of the Odin reservation modules have access to these capabilities and in fact and more as determined by their specific reservation requirements. Such as, accommodation, rental, transit and shuttle, etc.

As such, our tour reservation software module for instance, has the ability to create inventory by date/time/day/price/period for day to 2 years future. This also includes freight units, as our tour reservation software has the ability to handle freight, mail and mail packages.

You are also able to override existing Inventory by seats/price/freight units by time or all times for a selected date or just by price.

Or, use common inventory or if you want to create different number of available seats for your items, select the option: “separate inventory for each tour/transit item.”

It is also possible to inventory Clone (used to copy periods of complex inventory)

Some tour reservation softwares support working with options. With ODIN tour reservation software, not only can you work with fixed options you are also able to generate special options with or without their associated inventory control. These options can be included or optional, with or without price and can be set up to work with real-time inventory.

Once you have the above basic inventory in place you are then able to play with the inventory rules. Such as setting the maximum number of items that can be booked for a tour.

Or applying existing additional costs or discounts depending upon the number of hours before a tour takes place. Establishing the entry limits depending upon the time before the trip or the maximum number of seats that are able to be booked for those specified dates or times. This allows a timed release of seat allocation available to the general public.

Control the display of inventory to the general public or only allow access to your sales staff, vendors or resellers.

If you are using tour buses or other seating arrangements that require seat or table and seat selection, you are able to set up seat maps. You’re able to live link different seat maps for different periods and different equipment, utilizing different seat map files with different layouts for those different periods.

If for any reason a tour becomes unavailable you are able to quickly transfer tours and its associated inventory and passengers to another time or date and the system will automatically accept existing reservations and printed barcoded tickets for that new time.

The ODIN tour reservation software module is also capable of supporting packaged tours with accommodation, flights, etc.

I have also included below some examples of a few of the other powerful inventory control features not mentioned above.

  1. You can have different inventory for each item.
    For example
    Total capacity: 40 seats
    Adults: 30 seats
    Children: 10 seats2. Time
    You can prioritize the time.
    For example
    You can have runs at 8am, 9am
    9am will only be available to book if 8am is fully booked.

    3. Complex Tour Set-Up
    You can ‘connect’ tours with each other.
    For example
    The route is:
    Main Train Station – Zoo – Main Train Station

    You can sell ’round-trip-tickets’:
    Main Train Station – Zoo – Main Train Station

    And one-way tickets
    Main Train Station – Zoo
    Zoo – Main Train Station

    If the tours are connected and someone books for example a one-way ticket, inventory will be removed on the round-trip.

    4. Booking Limits
    Is especially handy if you use #3. If you want to sell more round-trip tickets than one-way tickets, you can limit the bookings allowed on the one-way tickets.

    Then as mentioned previously, we have the ability to generate special options (add breakfast, photos, snorkelling gear etc.), additional fields (collect certain data like weight & height – used for zip lines or helicopter tours).

The above is just a brief overview of the basic inventory management capabilities provided with our tour reservation software module.