Tour Reservation Software

Tour Reservation Software

Are all tour reservation software’s created equally? You would be surprised that the answer is yes, mostly.

That is, the overwhelming majority of tour reservation software systems on the market today are roughly equal to each other in capabilities and performance. They are mainly offered as software as a service and as such, are defined by the cost per month versus basic customer requirements for a large number of tour reservation companies.

As such, these tour reservation software’s are primarily defined by their look and feel, workflow and monthly costs to rent.

They typically perform well and provide the necessary operational capabilities that most small tour or activity company reservation websites require.

But, once you step outside of the generic tour reservation software box, your choices then become extremely limited unless you invest the time, money and attendant stress in designing and building a turn-key system.

This is where the Odin reservation and ticketing software system enters the marketplace, as it provides the extensive feature sets and capabilities missing from smaller SaaS systems.

Odin reservation & ticketing software is a COTS/MOTS system primarily based on PHP and MySQL that is installed directly on a client’s domain web server, thus allowing full control and ownership of its customer data.

Over the years, it has grown to support hundreds of configurable pre-set rules, plus features, pricing and inventory configurations that are just not seen or even available in the single user, single site SaaS systems on the market today.

Odin tour reservation software certainly handles single user, single website environments, but is also scalable into multi-website, multi-tenant operations to build an interconnected structure of interlinked and integrated reservation and ticketing websites.

Odin has integrated modules to support not only tour reservations, but also rental, accommodation, campground, Marina, e-commerce products, shuttle operations and a powerful transit system for ferry, bus and air operations.

In these next few articles, I will concentrate primarily on the tour reservation software module capabilities.

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