Event Ticketing Reservation System

Event Ticketing Reservation System

Avoid Paying Commissions on Every Ticket You Sell!

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site, Event Ticketing Reservation System

PATRON Event Ticketing includes a comprehensive set of modules needed to efficiently run an entire business including ticketing, point of sale, e-commerce, memberships, events & reservations, inventory, sales & marketing, member portal, online waivers, and much more.

Provide your event details, date and time, and the venue. After that you can set up tickets. PATRON Events supports multiple tickets with different prices. Once you are done with tickets, you can make your event live. Guests may use mobile devices or even print at home options, but also supports traditional event goers who want a legitimate ticket in hand.

  • Online ticket sales currently account for more than half of all event tickets sold.
  • Most customers simply prefer to purchase online.
  • Of those customers most prefer to purchase their tickets directly from your web site rather than to be directed to a generic ticketing company’s web site.
  • PATRON EVENTS, is a feature-rich event ticketing reservation software solution for tours, transit, venues, promoters, producers, theme parks, museums, theatres, film festivals, concerts, music festivals, and more.
  • PATRON EVENTS can save you money by allowing you to set up and sell your own events with no commissions or user fees.
  • It is also available as a multi-tenant, multi-website solution (such as Eventbrite or Ticketmaster, etc) for you to set up your own event ticketing company and resell your event reservation services to other event organizers’.
  • Simple ticketing management – Manage GA or reserved seating inventory, marketing, memberships and more with a system built to sell tickets!
  • Sell tickets anywhere – Give your fans the most convenient event ticket purchasing process on the web!
  • Responsive – Event pages and Facebook ticketing make it easy to buy on any device!
  • The Events Calendar – Make it easy for your customers to find events and to add your events to their own calendars so they don’t forget!
  • Complete view of all sales – Box office sales work seamlessly with your website sales, giving you one system to manage all your inventory!
  • Monitor sales activity – Produce detailed reports and provide better customer service by quickly viewing your patrons’ entire purchase history!
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PATRON Multi-Tenant Events Ticketing

Our fully integrated PATRON EVENTS Event Ticketing Reservation System, is part of the PATRON Online Transport, Sightseeing Tour and Activity Provider Ticketing Solution that allows you to securely create, manage, and host unlimited events simultaneously from your web site direct to clients and also via multiple agent and affiliate channels.

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Implementing either a single event ticketing website or a multi-destination reservations & ticketing business strategy in a cloud based architecture in which the core processes of event ticketing are offered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, which can be subscribed to by other event organizations operators that pay-per-use, will allow you to provide visitors with a more relevant and engaging reservations & ticketing website experience, leading to significantly increased conversions, improved customer acquisition and higher return on investment.

E Tickets

More and more of your clients and ticket buyers are enjoying the benefits of print at home tickets.

Customers love being able to print their tickets immediately after their ticket purchase and our clients love not having to print and mail tickets.

Scanned E-Tickets can be validated by the PATRON system to prevent counterfeiting and duplication of tickets.

Once your tickets are set up, you can easily change text on the print ticket and the ticket PDF as often as you want to fit changing venues, exhibitions and departures, etc. eTicketing simplifies the ticketing process and enhances your travel experience. No waiting in ticket lines at the station and no mailing cost.

Print your eTicket whenever and wherever, or simply present the eTicket on your smartphone/tablet screen upon entrance or boarding, etc.

You are also able to receive your eTicket as a PDF attachment to an e-mail receipt and be able to present the eTicket on your smartphone/tablet screen through our mobile applications as well.

eTicket – Print@MyPC or Anywhere

Your eTicket is attached to your e-mail receipt as a PDF document.

To board or enter an event, print out your eTicket anywhere — at home, work or a hotel business center and bring it along with proper identification.

If your smartphone or tablet device can receive e-mail and open a PDF document or has our mobile application, you can retrieve the eTicket to present it on the screen to the driver, gate, conductor, etc., without printing it out.

eTicket More Benefits

When traveling within the same eTicketing enabled route, you can modify your reservation, over the phone or at the ticket counter without getting a new eTicket.

Use only one eTicket (instead of multiple paper value tickets) for a group of passengers under the same reservation and all of your travel segments.

Re-print your eTicket if you ever lose it so you can travel with more security and less worry.

Reserved Seating

There is also the ‘Graphical Active Map Selection Engine’ with a calendar driven, Graphical User Interface providing a powerful color-coded graphical seating or placement display (using customer provided graphical layouts) with easy mouse or keyboard-driven placement selection to our Voyager hotel, tour, rental and ticketing software.

Scanning Solutions

All tickets and passes, including mobile, Passbook and electronic tickets, produced by your IMS system, have unique barcode numbers, which allow you to effectively manage all entries into and exits from your events, pre-boarding or boarding requirements.

Your devices communicate with your IMS database in real time, so you can choose the style that best suits your event, or even combine several different models or types of scanning devices or even RFID’s.

Box Office Ticket Sales

Selling tickets through your box office has never been easier. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and you can be selling tickets for walk-up customers, phone sales, and mail order sales.

PATRON integrates with ticket printers, NFC enabled devices, smart cards, credit card readers, cash drawers, and touch-screens for a complete box office system without the expense and technical challenges of stand-alone systems.

It also supports touch screen templates.

Patron Online Ticket Desk

With the the fully integrated Patron Online Ticket Desk Software you can add an affordable and easy-to-use web based Barcode Ticket printing (using our Print@MyPC® technology), card swiping and scanning solutions to your reservation system for your events, venues, tours and cruises, etc.

It’s an effective way to grow your business, improve customer service and reduce operating costs while providing an end-to-end solution using our desktop ticketing technology over the web.

Real-Time Sales Reports

PATRON EVENTS keeps you informed and in touch with your ticket sales. It’s real-time ticketing reports are only a click away.

Choose from a variety of reports including daily ticket sales, sales by event, customer reports, marketing reports, and financial reports to meet the needs of your organization.

PATRON reports can easily be output to Excel with simple click to enable you to import your data to other systems or manipulate the information as needed.

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eticket pkpass reservation ticketing solutions

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