Software Source Code Available

ODIN is a leading white label, end-to-end reservations, ticketing, booking and fare collection system based on open technology such as PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, etc., and also tested to work on all the latest browsers.

Not only is it available as a fully packaged system installed, configured and supported by us, but the full source code is also now available to download under our MOTS license.

What does Modified Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) mean?

Modified off-the-Shelf (MOTS) is a software solution that can be modified and customized after being purchased from the software vendor. MOTS is a software delivery concept that enables source code or programmatic customization of a standard prepackaged, market-available software.

As ODIN is now also available as a source code download that can be purchased, it allows organizations that prefer pre-developed software to use as is or substantially customize to meet their business objectives.

You are able, either with your own software teams or with us as your software vendor to make development and integration changes, manage any software modifications or customization to your specific requirements.

We are able to provide whatever levels of support you require.

Since 2001, we have continued to create and deliver, pre-built application functionality with our Scalable Service Orientated “On Demand Integrated Network’ ODIN ENTERPRISE software system with its modular Voyager reservation and ticketing system architecture.

It consists of services for complex reservations, ticket purchase, display and inspection, together with back-end infrastructure for coupons, rewards, secure payments, ticket management, customer service and reporting with many more integrated features.