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A powerful instant text messaging ‘Live Chat’ application feature for customers, travel agents/resellers, internal sales and administration is now fully integrated into the IMS Voyager reservation software system.

By optimizing how you connect with your online customers with our integrated live chat, you can sell to more of your website visitors, raise the average value of the orders they place there, and keep them coming back to buy more from your site.

A Real-time live chat feature alternative to phone and e-mail and no need to purchase or rent an external live chat program..

  • Expedite the booking process. Adding a live chat feature or click-to-call button on your web site lets travelers book and confirm their trips immediately.
  • Save the reservation. Immediately answering customers questions can prevent abandonment.
  • Engage luxury customers. Reaching out to customers who pause on a luxury resort page and whose profiles indicate they frequent these destinations ups the likelihood of conversion.
  • Identify and target high-value visitors. Integrating the sales and client profile data from your IMS Voyager system helps you target, e.g., a customer who regularly books employee incentive and reward trips for large corporations with a customized air and hotel bundle.
  • Build consumer confidence by assisting with complex product and service decisions.
  • Reduce costs. Shifting requests from the telephone to more cost-effective online channels allows your agents to complete more bookings and resolve more service issues in less time.
  • Foster long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Providing online personal assistance to the right customer at the right time drives acquisition, satisfaction, and retention in today’s competitive travel environment.

You can log into your IMS Voyager  reservation system as administrator, sales staff, reseller/travel agent and registered visitor/client with your username/password.

  1. Then click on “Chat” option in the top menu to begin your chat session.
  2. As a result, new window with a chat will be opened.
  3. You can type your message – it will be visible for all users logged-in to the chat now.
  4. It is also possible to add text formatting (bold, italic, underline), add smiles, URLs, change interface language, color theme.
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