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SocialTXfer FaceBook Application

Sell directly from your FaceBook pages.

FACEBOOK app. using our SocialTXfer® gives IMS Voyager users the ability to sell, book and ticket directly from their Facebook account.

With IMS Voyager ‘SocialTxfer’ links for Facebook, transit, hotels and tourism operators can now easily create and manage Facebook pages complete with all products, ticket purchases, rooms, rates and bookings capability.

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And best of all, bookings are in real time, updates to your IMS Voyager system information means your Facebook page is automatically updated!

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SocialTXfer FaceBook Application Travel Bookings is a new marketing channel for ferry, bus, airline, event, hotels and tourism operators.

Simply adding their IMS SocialTXfer FaceBook Application code to their Facebook pages also allows instant search, booking, payment and ticket printing capability from their main IMS system directly from their FaceBook site.

Payment is via their installed merchant account. Over 20 credit card gateways are supported on IMS Voyager, including PayPal.

SocialTXfer® is a standard feature of ALL IMS Voyager, tour reservation, hotel reservation, ferry & bus reservation, rental, small airlines, restaurant and/or powerful ecommerce module, etc. modules.

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