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Social Networking

Voyager Supports all forms of Social Networking

Social networking sites are Internet-based services that allow people to communicate and share information with a group and have created a revolution in social connectivity.

Streaming Video

With IMS Voyager and its easy to use WYSIWYG editor, you can readily integrate support for videos hosted on YouTube, Google Video, MetCafe, and iFilm. With your video hosted on any of these platforms, store and embed the video details along with your tour and activity information. Rich media is a great way to entice travelers to book your tour or activity. Easily link to videos that have been produced by other users.


Google calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time-management web application and mobile app created by Google. This means whenever you book a tour, reserve flight, make a rental reservation, order concert tickets or a make a dinner or hotel reservations, the IMS system will automatically generate a link for you to update your Google calendar automatically update with that information, so you can better stay on top of your schedule.

Google Analytics

Do you want to track how many visitors you have? Do want to know where they come from and what they do on your site? Google Analytics is the de-facto standard for measuring visitors on your site, and much more. Adding Google Analytics to your website is as easy as pie.


FACEBOOK app. using our SocialTXfer® gives IMS ODIN Voyager users the ability to sell, book and ticket directly from their Facebook account. With IMS ODIN Voyager ‘SocialTxfer’ links for Facebook, transit, hotels and tourism operators can now easily create and manage Facebook pages complete with all products, ticket purchases, rooms, rates and bookings capability. And best of all, bookings are in real time, updates to your IMS Voyager system information means your Facebook page is automatically updated!


Geo-tag the location of your tour using the Google Maps API. Deliver your products through emerging technologies like “Location based services”. More and more travelers are looking for things to do while at a destination. By adding Google Maps API or ‘geo-tagging’ your product, you make it easier for your customers to find you.

You just need to create Google account and then sign up for Google Maps API key for your website domain name:

Unlimited Images:

With the powerful image handling in our WYSIWYG editor, apart from video, upload an unlimited number of images. Use of this rich media is a great way to show your tour and increase the likelihood that a traveler will book your product.

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