IMS is pleased to unveil its rebranded and revamped Smart Travel Technology ODIN V6.0 platform.

ODIN V6.0 Smart Travel Technology Updated For Smart Cities integrates hundreds of rules and new features suggested directly from customer feedback.

The new additions are applied across all the reservation & ticketing modules, plus administration modules, comprising revenue management, booking engine, seat reservation system, inventory management system, pricing engine, CRM front-end and Booking Office and handheld solutions

ODIN V6.0 also includes our latest PATRON Events module that provides a seamless, professional grade solution to create compelling event pages, sell tickets, promote and manage events from the web or any mobile device.

Smart Travel Technology Updated For Smart Cities enables real time ticket management with the assurance that high volume sales are handled efficiently through one central system. Tickets can be sold on-site and through a network of distribution services allowing access control to be performed in real-time to provide a fully integrated solution.

ODIN V6.0 has an updated ‘Safe Travel’ module that is part of the ODIN passenger profile system.

ODIN Passenger Profiles provides a powerful tool for customers to interact with your website by creating profiles.

The user client profile within the ODIN Enterprise reservation and ticketing system has been re-designed to contain three biometric authentication photo ID files. Such as, photo, fingerprint scans and retinal scans. This information when required can be printed onto pre-boarding and boarding bar coded tickets or viewed on screens or mobile devices used by clients for their departure control services.

Using the M2M (Machine 2 Machine) capabilities of ODIN V6.0 allows connection to a wide range of biometric authentication security devices.

The latest version of ODIN Smart Travel Technology Updated For Smart Cities also has an updated “Guest Access Module” that introduces flexible ways to book and process tickets so, for instance, customers can change their date and time of travel quickly and easily, and in a self-service manner, as necessary.

ODIN’s AEGIS reseller portal module, has received many feature updates for Online Travel Agents to attract travelers who want reliable, accurate information about travel deals in one convenient location. The fully integrated AEGIS system allows you to set up a variety of net, percentage or mark-up commission and payment related access points for travel agents and third-party resellers of your products.

New feature additions in the tours, hotel and transit modules provide the ability to set up additional last minute pricing costs/discounts depending on the number of hours before trip and supports intelligent rate pricing structures to accommodate very complex configurations, including true last minute and early bird rates

Last minute pricing works in conjunction with the updated ‘Fare Buckets’ for Tour Manager and Transit allowing creation of stratified layers of fares, each with different rules, perks and prices as used in most major airline pricing.

Updates to the integrated Self-Managed Coupon Management System provide complete backend access and control over every aspect of coupons including distribution, promotion and redemption:

-Create Targeted Coupons, Deals & Points for Activities from the unified dashboard.

-Distribute Offers to customer groups through multiple channels viz. Website, Email, Mobile apps and Social networks.

-Access & manage points, activities, customers and redemption.

-New geo-fencing capabilities allowing coupons & deals to be offered based on geo-fence triggers, GPS locations, etc.

ODIN V6.0 geo-fencing allowing an administrator to use geo-targeting by setting up triggers so when a device enters (or exits) the boundaries defined by the administrator, a text message, coupon or email alert is sent.

All coupons are capable of supporting multiple rules, ensuring the most comprehensive and flexible coupon solutions for the marketing success of your online business.

The updated Package Manager facilitates the creation, scheduling, pricing, booking and management of one off or series departure packages. Each package can consist of any combination of services in the same manner as a custom FIT itinerary.

This “package product” may contain any number of “rooms”, “tours”, “transit trips” and other “products.

Plus, over 100 new configurable rules have been added to the integrated Meta Rule engine. ODIN’s Meta Rule Engines is configurable and supports rules, facts, priority (score), mutual exclusion, preconditions, and other functions to track, manage and revise enterprise reservation business processes.

ODIN is a leading white label, responsive reservations, ticketing and fare collection system based on open technology. It consists of services for complex reservations, ticket purchase, display and inspection, together with back-end infrastructure for coupons, rewards, secure payments, ticket management, mobile support, customer service and reporting with many more integrated features. It allows users to power a single website or scale up to offer SaaS services to an unlimited number of other websites.

This powerful multi-platform cloud based reservation software, is a Commercial and Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (COTS/MOTS) PHP/MySQL application, with a powerful pre-built customizable functionality, delivering features, benefits and price performance, that allow it to outperform any other product of its type in the market place today, for hotels, tour companies, ferry & bus operators, online restaurants, rental agencies and e-distribution websites.