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Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing Software!

Tourism & Transit Reservation Software!

An Intelligent Tourism & Transit Management Engine!

ODIN is a Commercial and Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (COTS/MOTS) PHP/MySQL Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing software loaded with modules, applications, widgets & functional wizards that, along with it’s powerful multi-tenant, multi-site, customizable functionality, delivers superior features, benefits and price performance for companies requiring a more flexible, feature rich, reservation & ticketing  system.

ODIN Reservation & Event Ticketing Software

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ODIN Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection Features

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ODIN modules can be used on individual websites or scaled up to be used in the creation of a Smart City digital market that can include multiple websites, open datasets and data from paid sources, where data services from different partners and vendors can be exposed, priced, monetized and consumed from within a single platform.

Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing Software!

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