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ODIN an Agile, Scalable Service Orientated “On Demand Integrated Network’ Smart City Software for Smart City Connections!

Choose the ODIN “Smart City Software” Multi Channel Customer Experience – One Stop Travelers Choice™

ODIN is loaded with modules, applications & functional wizards that are suitable for companies wanting to integrate and use “Smart City Software” data & connectivity with their online reservations & ticketing system. But that’s not all, with ODIN Voyager you are able to build a “Smart City Software” destination website, booking & ticketing reservation hub with it’s outstanding connectivity!

  • Fully integrated modules, API’s and features!

  • A true “mix and match” transit & activity software system built on open technologies!

  • Ability to share and integrate products, catalogs, promotions, branding, and more with distributors and vendors!

  • Create turnkey “Smart City” Reservations & Ticketing websites quickly for your vendors, distributors, partners, and affiliates.

  • Integrate & connect existing IMS Voyager websites directly into the “Smart City” tourism system.

ODIN as a Smart Tourism Platform
Provide tourists with full-course service systems

Create a multi-modal information, booking and payment system, linking individual activity, event, rental, parking and hoteliers with those of public and private transport.

Improve direct people to people sales with ODIN Multilinx features, designed for property owners, tour companies, TRANSIT operators, online marketing companies, groups or chains by enabling their vendors to distribute rates and inventory online and become part of a significant and powerful sales, booking, ticketing and reservation e-distribution centre.

ODIN smart city software APIs enables passenger transport companies to create multimodal services, which exactly meet the needs of the next generation of urban dwellers.

The ODIN smart city software approach is to take an inclusive view, implementing a user-orientated integrated design of all system touch points and interfaces with the customer.

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Integrating Passenger Transport, City Activities & Smart City Data!

ODIN “Smart City” Capable Reservation System

  • Ideal for ferry, bus, tour, hotel, activity, rental, event and attraction providers
  • “Intelligent Pricing” to enter special deals & non-standard prices
  • Handles commission percentages for travel agents and account holders
  • Integrated smart ticketing and departure control solutions
  • Many modules, hundreds of features, over a thousand configurable rules
  • Free installation, training, support and lifetime guarantee!
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