Shuttle Reservation Software

Shared rides maximizes efficiency and revenue!

The integrated Voyager reservation ‘Shuttle’ module delivers an efficient, stable and robust system to combine different passengers, with separate reservations traveling from the same geographic area, at about the same time, with the same or similar desired destination.

Shared rides with a shuttle reservation software maximizes efficiency and revenue for your transportation business.

shuttle share reservation software

People who are traveling to / from the airport from the same geographic area and at the same time, are combined into a single vehicle with other travelers to hotels or your bus and tour centers.

With predictable time schedules, Voyager ‘Shuttle’ allows you to easily market your service and sell seats to your passengers while preventing overbooking.

With a robust menu of administrative and accounting reports, reservation and ticketing, real time seat sales, your passengers can visit your website, view rates and book online their shuttle reservations any time, from any device, anywhere in the world!

It’s easy, fast, secure, and convenient.

You can also have your sales staff; drivers and travel agents make bookings directly online, on the shuttle or kiosk, etc.

Complex rates, multiple airports/hotels, discounts, taxes, fees, surcharges, coupons, boarding passes, loyalty programs and vouchers.

Whatever your needs or business model, the Voyager ‘Shuttle’ system can be configured to meet your operational requirements while introducing operational efficiencies that help reduce your overhead.

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