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The Sales Staff (Call Center) Desk Engine, allows the website owner to utilize internal Sales Staff, Sales Agent Reservations or inbound/outbound Call Center staff or Kiosk based staff to book or make reservations on behalf of a client.

The IMS Sales Engine with its multi-client Order Management System (OMS) is a software solution designed to be the hub of your internal operations.

For internal staff, call centers and kiosk fulfillment service providers, it offers unparalleled functionality and management of inventory, customers, and orders. It also manages sales connections, product access, reservations, payments and bookings, commissions and travel agent connections, etc.

The Order Management Software system provides a full customer service suite to manage inbound and outbound queries, rich order management, and a dispatch hub to enable efficient order fulfillment for all client’s sales channels. Your back office systems can be fully integrated into your website to enable both upstream and downstream data flow, all in real time.

By leveraging a common inventory shared across online marketplaces and sales channels, this will help reduce over bookings and grow profits. Leverage further your tours or accommodation, transit trips, rentals and product sales with cross and up sells to increase the lifetime average order transaction value of each of yours or your client’s customers.

The Sales Staff can create a new customer or third party profile or use a clients existing customer profile from the IMS Voyager database.

Many of the run-of-the-mill reservation software’s on the market today, although providing the ability to take online reservations, offer very little functionality for your sales representatives.

Even though you have or are thinking of moving online for taking reservations, you will still be receiving requests by telephone, fax or email. Also, depending upon the type of services you offer, you will be requiring to answer walk-up, front desk, bus stop, on-board or dockside, etc., reservation questions.

This requires your sales staff to not only have the ability to be connected to your online reservation software, but also having the ability to make bookings, amend bookings, scanning tickets, etc., etc.


Set up one or more kiosks using any modern tablet or other kiosk system and use this new feature to give your guests a modern, speedy and convenient check-in experience.

Registration delays and data entry errors can be alleviated by allowing your guests to enter or confirm their information for themselves.

An after-hours kiosk will let your guests find their reservation, check-in and receive the information they need for their stay. Even guests without a reservation can check availability, book a site and make a payment directly from your kiosk.

Reservation software’s have varying abilities and Voyager reservation software is more able than others in offering a very powerful sales staff module with powerful feature sets and options.

Powerful Sales Staff Features for Sales Agent Reservations

With Voyager reservation software, your sales staff is assigned their own unique username and password to log into the reservation system.

They are then able to access their own sales area.

As can be seen they also have a large number of reports that they are able to view on screen or print or export.

  • Your sales staff is able to make bookings for clients, create new profiles for new clients or book under their own unique sales staff ID.
  • With our reservation software they are able to select tours, trips etc., by day, date period, time and view what is available and then make an appropriate booking according to the customer’s request.
  • They are able to take deposits; full payments also cash payment and vouchers, coupons for walk-up, kiosk or on-board traffic.
  • Ticket barcode scanning for your sales staff, drivers, etc., Is also available as standard.
  • You can also allow your sales staff to modify and cancel orders, upgrade orders, even transfer clients from equipment to other equipment, etc.
  • Sales staff may also assign rooms or cabins, etc to clients.
  • You are able to pay your staff commissions, follow hours that staff have worked, assigned staff or captains and mates or drivers to equipment, trips, etc.

With Voyager Reservation Software your sales staff are able to access a wide range of powerful features and services.

Multiple Commission Structures – IMS Voyager allows owners to create Reseller (Travel Agent) groups and assign them differing or unique commission rates. (There is no limit to the number of Reseller groups you can create.)

As such, you are able to create unique commission groups to assign your sales staff or agents. Each commission group can have its own commission structure. This enables you to reward “high performers”, “managers and executives”, or even create “special terms bonus” agents.

Agent Administration & Reporting – Managers can control all Staff/Resellers assigned in their system. Owners/Administrators are able to select the display for reporting periods, with details such as Order number, Order date, Payment method, Total amount, Status of order, Sales Staff commission rate and Commission amounts being available. This report can also be used as a commission statement.

This allows your Sales Staff to take orders by telephone, a kiosk, fax or email and enter them directly into IMS Voyager via their browser to create reservations, print tickets (or book tours using the clients profile selected from the client list.

All integrated information is available for call center reservation staff to answer phone reservations: rates, availability, and package or event availability. All are quickly and accurately brought up to best serve the client, from pre-purchase stage.

The integrated Sales Staff/Call Center module can also accommodate phone reservations from travel agents and corporate clients. Integrated accordingly, sales staff will view negotiated contract rates and allotments assigned to particular staff or corporate customers.

With the Portal & Enterprise versions Call Center can accommodate demand, particularly during high seasons, across all members.

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