Multi-device Purchase Behaviour

Many reports are now showing that mobile access is essentially ubiquitous and becoming more so for tour operators and ferry and bus reservation systems.

As such, many leading eCommerce sites have incorporated responsive website design to ensure a seamless user experience between devices. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach.

We assume with a purely responsive design approach that mobile Internet usage is similar to standard Internet usage but on a smaller screen. This fails to recognize the mobile visitor for what they often they are checking prices, location facilities or just on the go email checking.

On the other hand, mobile apps all very specific in what they do. They are designed for a purpose and fulfil the purpose very well. Alas, should your main website business change or grow one typically has to resolve and rewrite the mobile application once again.

This being understood that it is important to differentiate between applications and responsive web design for mobile applications. PC and mobile sites are more likely to be the starting point in the purchasing process as visitors check content, the price, location and other factors that determine what tours, vacations, tickets and trips they will ultimately purchase.

These needs need to be reflected in the content and functionality of a responsive web design.

Responsive web design is probably the best answer to multi-device purchase behaviour.

Also, one of the most technically challenging elements with consumers using multiple devices is the difficulty to track and personalize their experience.

Many companies who have standard websites and their own applications encourage visitors to create user accounts by logging in on each device. Their account changes are then automatically displayed across their entire mobile and web access.

With a responsive web design, in particular, a responsive reservation, ticketing and booking software for tour operators and ferry and bus operators, our ODIN Voyager reservation system allows a single registration on any device that is automatically accessible from all devices.