Reservation Software 3Notes

Reservation Software 3Notes

Customer 3Notes fills the communication gap between clients & different users with administrative privileges.

It provides merchants with a conversation “Notes” tool, which can be used to add information about a customer to their Customer Information page or to their order and between sales staff.

Deliver the best customer service in future dealings with customers. Improve overall customer service by catering to individual customer needs with Voyagers 3Notes Customer Notes.

Now we work with a lot of tour operators/activity providers and apart from taking bookings online, there was also a large communication component to the booking process.

Conversations are pretty much what they do. When someone starts talking about booking with them they tend to email/phone and ask a few questions.

What was needed was a system that manages those conversations built into the reservation system. As such, both customer and booking records are side-effects of the conversation.

Hence a conversation is a separate entity to both the customer and a booking record. Yet these conversations convert to tailor-made tour requests.

These conversations create bookings. This is nothing new – small tour operators have been talking to customers for years.

With ODIN Voyager, we added this capability with our 3Notes system feature. These allow conversation notes to be attached to the client profile and the client order history including internal history notes of the interaction at the sales level.

Reservation Software 3Notes features.

User Notes: Notes attached to client profile, suitable for administration to maintain details and requirements of users.

Public notes: These are notes that an agent can enter when they are purchasing on behalf of a client. They can also be seen in the backend and on the order form and can be entered by the user/clients when they make reservations or purchase and can easily be changed and updated.

Private notes: These are only seen in the backend and and are NOT viewable by a customer. ONLY by an admin agent. They are only meant for the admin of the site and therefore only appear to the admin user.

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