Interoperability or the “end to end” provision of a given service in a consistent and predictable way is still a problem for large organizations and a technical problem for most of the software companies in the travel and tourism reservation software sectors.

Furthermore, the demand side of reservation systems – the customer, is increasingly attracted to using information technologies, especially the Internet, in order to get direct access to information concerning their travel and tourism needs.

Having the ability to provide integrated reservation software for travel agents and customers is one of the features that distinguish basic reservation software and the more professional reservation software systems, such as ODIN Enterprise in the market today

As the costs of large dedicated integrated software’s continue to fall and their capabilities in increase, distribution and transaction management of travel and tourism services could or theoretically be within the users control.

It is a common view that the searching, evaluating, and coordinating functions, which represent the most knowledge intensive part of the transactions that people and companies must make when they exchange goods and services, will be transferred from the intermediary – the retailer – to the customer.

The spread of direct links between suppliers and customers, should not lead to a squeezed intermediary, nor to their disappearance. On the contrary intermediaries not only continue to operate in the distribution channel but also are likely to do so as ever more powerful actors, actively shaping the travel and tourism sector.

The rationale for their continuing existence is in the unique functions of integrating or packaging complementary travel services and products to provide a complete and satisfying service to the customer.

This is the most important function of intermediation: the intelligence function.

In this respect the actionable knowledge or the ability to filter and evaluate the available information about supplies products and services and then match it to the needs of their customers in a way that both supplies and customers are able to act upon it, lies at the very heart of the ODIN Enterprise reservation and ticketing system.

Intermediaries using the ODIN reservation system are able to build hierarchical levels of distribution capability as a key strategic resource of their travel and tourism distribution channel.

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