Reservation Systems for Destination Marketing Organizations

The way we travel across the world is changing. As we become connected to all corners of the globe via the internet, we are exploring more, whether it’s in travelling across the planet or opening ourselves up to brand new cultures and experiences.

Destination marketing

Destination marketing organisations have long been responsible for travel and tourism across the world. By promoting their areas, they aim to create desirable destinations for tourists to explore.

Whether your company offers hotel reservations, tickets for tours and attractions, or travel to and around your destination, a modern reservation system can bring your organization into a brand new era of travel.

Online Reservation Systems

Online reservation systems not only give customers from across the world access to tourist information and travel bookings, but they are able to offer tailored packages to different areas of the market, customizing your destination to every corner of your audience.

Online ticketing

By integrating reservation software into the online portion of your business, you will be able to offer online ticketing for a variety of products. From daytime activities and sightseeing tours, to evening events and dinner reservations, online reservation systems can help you target the right customer with the right kind of product.

The modern traveler

With over 85% of travel consumers searching for their next vacation online, now really is the time to capture and inspire the future of the market. Not only can you offer specifically tailored experiences to every person that visits your destination, you can use online reservation systems to keep track of your inventory, view payments and reservations in real time, and update your suppliers and vendors within moments of getting a reservation.

Whether you are a small independent tour operator or a huge resort, reservation systems are the future of travel and tourism.