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TRANSIT Ferry & Bus Connections!

One of the problems with reservation software for buses and ferries, especially with many stops and routes is entering all of the system data.

You need to enter the departure city connecting cities, descriptions, seat availability, prices, etc.

And this is required for each piece of equipment, for every stop, and so on.

Now with our Voyager reservation software version 5.0 we have introduced a transit route set up wizard to automate these functions.

Using a series of drop-down fields and boxes you are able to enter your locations then select arrival and departure time for each location.

You are also able to specify prices, descriptions and other parameters for each trip in the route.

You can also add different prices for different price groups, such as, adult, child etc.

The wizard will then generate all of the appropriate details and inventory for the complete routes and even determine automatically the length of the trip from your departure and arrival times.

This new transit setup wizard in the Voyager reservation software version 5.0 will save you many, many hours of work and make it easier for your clients to make bookings.

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