Order Management System

The ODIN Sales Engine with its multi-client Order Management System (OMS) is a software solution designed to be the hub of your internal operations.

For internal staff, call centers and kiosk fulfillment service providers, it offers unparalleled functionality and management of inventory, customers, and orders. It also manages sales connections, product access, reservations, payments and bookings, commissions and travel agent connections, etc.

It also includes compensation management and accurately calculating sales commissions ensures that your sales engine is running on all cylinders.

The Order Management Software system provides a full customer service suite to manage inbound and outbound queries, rich order management, and a dispatch hub to enable efficient order fulfillment for all client’s sales channels. Your back office systems can be fully integrated into your website to enable both upstream and downstream data flow, all in real time.

By leveraging a common inventory shared across online marketplaces and sales channels, this will help reduce over bookings and grow profits. Leverage your tours or accommodation, transit trips, rentals and product sales with cross-sells and up-sells to increase the lifetime average order transaction value of each of yours or your client’s customers.

Travel Agent – Resellers

Having the ability to provide integrated Reservation Software for Travel Agents is one of the features that distinguish basic reservation software and the more professional reservation software systems on the market today.

With ODIN you have a fully integrated system that allows you to set up a variety of commission and payment related access points for your travel agents and third-party resellers of your products.

Your third-party resellers are able to view and control their own bookings, etc. The Travel Agent Reservation System component in each module will enhance efficiency in keeping rate contracting / allotments updated in real-time.

Affiliate System

The ODIN eAffiliate module further expands your marketing opportunities on-line allowing you to build a complete affiliate program based on Pay per Sale for your products and reservation items.

Included as standard with ODIN reservation software, this module seamlessly integrates within your website.

Its flexibility allows you to further customize and tailor hybrid partnerships that promote brand loyalty with super affiliates and travel websites.

Multi-Tenant & Multi-Site Operations

ODIN Multilinx Portal & Multi Tenant module is a powerful portal integration feature of our Reservation Software designed for agents, travel resellers, portal or destination sites and destination marketing websites.

Create more direct sales with IMS ODIN Enterprise Voyager Multilinx Portal Multi Tenant features, designed for property, tour companies, TRANSIT, online marketing companies, groups or chains that are looking for a system that enables each of their vendors or owners to distribute rates and inventory online and become part of a significant and powerful sales, booking, ticketing and reservation e-distribution centre.

The ODIN Enterprise Reservations & Ticketing solution gives enterprises and large organizations the ability to greatly expand their online footprint and enable hundreds of distributors, partners, and vendors to create and manage their own custom-branded online travel products.

Each one of your distributors will have the power to engage their customers with your packaged vacation products— effectively maximizing your overall profitability and expanding your online reach. Create your own online destination marketplace, allowing vendors and partners to manage their own travel products on your Reservations & Ticketing websites.

Manage multiple Reservations & Ticketing website across multiple brands.

As Reservations & Ticketing becomes a leading strategy for businesses, companies are presented with a challenge: how to increase sales by streamlining the shopping process while providing your customers with a more relevant and engaging Reservations & Ticketing booking experience.

With ODIN Enterprise Multi Website Reservations & Ticketing, you can create unique, personalized Reservations & Ticketing websites for products, brands, B2B Reservations & Ticketing, B2C Reservations & Ticketing, affiliates, franchises, employee websites, co-branded web sites and much more.

You can also quickly launch micro-sites for promotional campaigns.

Best of all, every Reservations & Ticketing web site shares a single database.

Reservation Software API’s

Provide customized ‘web services’ with the ability to access information in the inventory for the given period (total number of seats, number of booked seats, number of available seats) information about hotels/rooms (hotel name, rating, image URLs, prices) also search for tours and transit data using keyword and destination codes.

With ODIN we also can provide web Services using SOAP, REST, and JSON with Web Services covering the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI).

IMS customers are able to build the IMS ODIN Engine XML API ‘s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications, connect to services such as, Expedia Local Expert, also integrate selected Smart city datasets via API.