Guest Access Module


A guest can cancel their reservation by themselves (if allowed) without having to go through administration.

The integrated Guest Access Module allows a guest to login to ODIN Enterprise Voyager Hotel, TRANSIT or Tour reservation Software and cancel a booking they have made allowing them to make reservations on new dates, etc.

Access to ODIN Voyager is gained via a login link using their original and unique username and password that was used at the time of booking. (When a customer first books a trip, tour or hotel room with Voyager, they register themselves with a username and password.)

– If a guest cancels a reservation they merely login using their unique username and password, and once logged in, click on the “Account” navigation link to access their ‘Personal Orders’.

– Once in “Personal Orders” they are able to view their reservations. From there, they have two options:

– VIEW or DELETE. Selected order

If an order is deleted, they will receive a confirmation email with the following message: NOTE: the following Reservation has been DELETED

It will be removed from the reservations database and written to the cancelled reservations database. The rooms will then be returned to Voyagers room or tour availability database. The administrator, property owner/tour operator and guest will receive an email stating that the reservation has been cancelled.

How to modify an existing order via Admin.

It can be done manually by the system administrator. From the Admin area, print the reservation you wish to change. Then change its status to “Cancelled”, this way the value is put back in the inventory and it keeps the customer’s details for future reference.

It is also possible to delete the reservation details completely from the system if required. A new reservation may then be made.