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Voyager Reservation Portal Software

Scalable to fit virtually any size chain, this powerful application delivers the features and benefits that allow it to continually outperform any other product of its type in the market. IMS Voyager Enterprise Reservation Software system can be managed and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Need other websites to have their own copy of IMS Voyager but share a single IMS Enterprise database?

Then IMS Enterprise Voyager and IMS Satellite Voyager is a completely web-based software solution. This means the application is accessible, scalable, reliable, and expandable. The growing capabilities of Internet browsers and the power of servers mean your application is easily accessible regardless of where you are.

IMS Enterprise Voyager and IMS Satellite Voyager is ideal for companies requiring an Internet based enterprise wide reservations software system sharing real time files and data at unlimited local or remote websites….

No ongoing commissions and no monthly fees.

The guest-side website is designed specifically to distribute the room, transit reservations or tour inventory of each property or company within the group and allows the guest to make their reservations online at any of the available properties or companies through the website.

  1. Allows your licensed hotels/transit/tour web sites to access the Enterprise portal database in real-time by either:
  2. Logging in directly to their own secure administrative area, use hot links and effect changes online at their convenience with IMSMultiLinx®
  3. Installing IMS Voyager Satellite on their websites and sharing a single IMS Enterprise database?
  4. Access via our new RezTXfer® protocol (Enterprise version only) that will allow hotels to display their booking data directly on their remote web site.
  5. Administrators can manage and control the various functions and features of the distributor as well as provide a reporting and monitoring facility for all of the properties in the group. It allows an unlimited number of chain hotels/tour companies or travel websites to log-in directly to their own secure administrative area and effect changes online at their convenience with IMSMultiLinx®.
  6. Provides a facility for property, portal travel, tour & hotel chains to promote each of their rates and inventory online, thus creating a web based central reservation system for guests to make their bookings from. Guest are able to check available inventory for every property in one central area and complete a booking online making the reservation process more efficient and less time consuming for both parties.
  7. All in one checkout page with reservation details, customer details and payment information – Allows visitors to complete their reservation on a single page. Less confusing, much faster with fewer clicks.
  8. Powerful database search box allows visitors to search hotels and tour, etc, by a variety of criteria, such as, Destination, Room type, Price range and Star rating. – Allows visitor to select their criteria and with only one click, they get a result page with their Available hotel rooms for the specified dates.
  9. Result page can be sorted by Name (A-Z) and (Z-A), by Price (low to high) and by Star rating (low to high). – Allows the visitors to view search results according to their criteria.
  10. Enables you to create a one-stop, dedicated portal where any travel agent planning a trip easily can find information they need and an easy travel planning experience for their business travel customers.
  11. The service oriented travel agent section in the IMS Enterprise Portal is to make it even more convenient for travel agents to find the right hotel accommodations and the most ideal services and packages to suit their customers’ needs and desires, while enabling travel agents to fully benefit during that process.

The reservation portal software also enables your agents to:

  1. Sign up and get information on your travel agent incentive program
  2. Travel Agent approval: After Agent registration, the Webmaster has the ability to approve the new Agent. – Allows the Webmaster to verify and select the new Agent as a business partner.
  3. Admin area for Travel Agent: Once logged in, each Agent can view and modify their account profile, view and delete their booked reservations, commissions and print their commission report. – Allows each Agent to manage their account, commission and reservations from one user interface.
  4. Commission report: Instead of posting booking immediately, it posts the reservation during the month of arrival. – Allows the Webmaster to pay commissions to Travel Agent during the same month as the guest arrival thereby avoiding payment of commission for a no-show if paid in advance.
  5. Search with flexible hotel search tools
  6. Access complete hotel information, including enhanced hotel and room descriptions, photos and virtual tours, services and amenities, special offers, destination information, maps and directions that you place in the database.
  7. Book client-negotiated rates and agent rates
  8. Access commissionable/non-commissionable rate display, commission policy and status of commission payments online
  9. Sign-up for an eNewsletter via the integrated newsletter software designed
  10. Forgot your password function allows existing users to retrieve their forgotten password. – Saves existing users to re-enter their account profile and speeds up the reservation process.
  11. Easy handling of reseller markup by allowing mark up on the room price for each hotel. – Each hotel can have a unique mark up to generate a room price.

Tax Rate per company: Each vendor can have its own tax rate. – After modifying an existing tax rate, the system recalculates the inventory room pricing for that vendor.

Specific confirmation email sent to the Webmaster with pricing to send to Hotel for confirmation.

This email is sent as a second email to the one sent to the Travel Agent.

Prices shown do not include markup.

This email displays the reservation details and only the net price without the mark up. It allows the Webmaster to send a copy of the reservation to the selected vendor to get a confirmation if required.

  1. dynamic room or tour allotments,
  2. distribute confidential trade rates online,
  3. provide varying rates and commissions,
  4. multiple seasons,
  5. distributing last minute rates,
  6. multi-currency including the €uro,
  7. selling tickets online,
  8. Call Center (Sales Agent) add-on
  9. Different payment options or credit card gateway per vendor.
  10. and so much more via the internet.

Set up pricing for a specific period of time : one price for Sun-Thurs and one for Fri-Sat. – This feature saves time when creating pricing for several months.

Cut off release: It allows the webmaster to set up the number of hours prior the arrival date the visitor can’t book. – Allows matching of each hotel booking policy in term of the number of hours prior to arrival visitors cannot book. There are no surprises. Visitors know immediately if they can book or not. Saves time and frustration.

Credit preauthorization only: reservation can be “Pending” by default. Webmaster then verifies the credit card and if OK, then changes the status to “confirmed” and the payment is processed. – Provides ability to capture the credit card details without processing the transaction before the reservation is confirmed for rooms on allocation rather than in active inventory.

Create Dynamic Activity packages that gives administrators the ability to create packages containing rooms in hotels, tours, tickets and products and control available inventory.

Stand out from your online competitors! For your website promotions our hotel, tour and rental reservation software also includes these powerful integrated merchandising and marketing features as standard!.

DistribuLinx, is our OTA (OpenTravel™ Alliance) compliant XML web services based Reservation Data Exchange Switch.

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