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Create activity packages

IMS Voyager Package Manager administrator has the ability to create packages containing tours/trips, rooms in hotels and products.

Create activity packages with multiple ‘products’ within your system and track and control their inventory’s “package products” with special price.

The IMS Voyager Package Manager facilitates the creation, scheduling, pricing, booking and management of one off or series departure packages. Each package can consist of any combination of services in the same manner as a custom FIT itinerary.

This “package product” may contain any number of “rooms”, “tours”, “transit trips” and other “products”..

This could be a one off tour – or a tour with multiple departure dates. The tour is built in the same way as a normal FIT – but allows you to add different options per day – eg room types, hotel quality etc.

The tour can be saved to use Fixed Pricing per person or you can book the tour – by using database driven pricing.

Package Tours can have an agent mark-up and commission structure and once the tour is selected – it can be tailored for an individual client or shopping group.

Our agent portal allows agents to view and book packages with options to pay and run their quotation documents – with their own branding and logo!

A complete suite of reports is available to assist in the management of package departures including flight manifest, travel manifest (coach), rooming lists, departure lists, resort/ground handler reports and activity allocations.

The administrator has the ability to select these sub elements on the product package add/edit page. Each activity package may have special options:

  • Ability to select package only within the specified period (eg. May 10 – May 25)
  • Min. quantity of booked seats;
  • Min. number of booked days.

Customer will have the ability to enter options for each item inside the package:

  • For room inside the package: arrival/departure date, number of rooms etc.
  • For tour/transit item inside the package: arrival and departure date/time, information about passengers etc.
  • For other product (food): quantity.

When package is selected by customer, system will check if all items are available (check inventory for all tours, trips, rooms etc.).

After booking reservation package deals inventory will be changed for each item inside the package (room, tour, transit, and product).

Package tours are easy to post to your web for booking. There is one central control on your inventory. As bookings are made, the system keeps track of any remaining places – room and other allocations can be pre-assigned to the package…

Package management and tours

Create simple or complex travel packages

You can create a one-time package, which contains a simple transfer and an accommodation, but you can also create an advanced dynamic package with different transfers to choose from, multiple departures, various accommodations and optional or required activities. In any case, the system makes it easy for you to define all the details of your offer.

Define advanced pricing lists

Travel product prices tend to be complicated because they depend on the season, passenger age, supplier discounts, etc. Now combine a few of those products into a single package, and it gets really complicated. Not so with ODIN Voyager.

Once you define all your and suppliers’ travel products in the system, it will automatically calculate all the prices for a tour package. It will take into account the number of passengers, the current season for each travel product; group discounts, and even dynamically recalculates prices in case of client drop off.

Sell to your partners or directly to customers

ODIN Voyager is an all-in-one system, which means it can do more than simply create package tours. You can use it to sell your offers directly to customers, create and manage reservations, issue invoices and other documents, and keep track of payment information. Additionally you can define prices, commissions and discounts for each of your partners, and when you create a new tour package, prices for them will be automatically calculated.

Book online

ODIN Voyager features a full-fledged online reservations & ticketing system. That means you can publish and sell your offers directly on your website. This includes dynamically packaged tours, so your customers can select the package features they want and then book, and all the data will be automatically entered into the back office module of ODIN Voyager .

FIT tours

Link existing travel products and promptly create a tour package. Easily pick out travel products you want from the system and create unique packages for your customers. By selecting activities, accommodations and transfers, you can create different combinations and make packages that customers will remember.

Charter tours

Create a tour by using travel products from the database Hotels from the database can be added to a charter tour with just a few mouse clicks. The system takes predefined price lists, seasons and children prices into consideration, so manual work can be avoided. You can select rooms you want to connect and sell in a tour, letting your customers choose the services they want to have.

Creating tours

Link tour with charter flight/bus Your charter flight/bus can be added to a charter tour and connected to an accommodation with just a few mouse clicks. Create multiple charter flight/bus departures and share them among different tours.

Create multiple departures

Create more departures by copying existing ones and avoiding manual work. The system will also automatically copy the accommodation and link the tour with appropriate charter flight/bus.

Different pick-up locations

The system helps you create different pick-up locations where your customers can join your tour. You can also put different prices for different pick-up locations. This option helps you sell your package in different places and enhance your offer.

Define cost structure and prices of a tour

The system will calculate net prices based on tour costs (accommodation, charter bus/flight, transfer, tour guide, tickets, etc.). Add a margin to define the selling price for adults or children Additional services Add optional (excursion, insurance) or mandatory services (airport or tourist tax) and track their usage on tour reports.

List of back-end sections:
– View/edit/delete existing packages:
Product > Packages – List
– Add new package:
Product > Packages – Add
– View/edit/delete package categories:
Product > Package Categories
– Add package category:
Product > Add Package Category

Package form:
– Start date: package
– End date: package
– Available for all days in the selected period: user will be able to select any dates in the interval between “package” and “package”.
– Available only for the specified dates: allow to specify periods when package is available, for example: Feb 25 – Mar 10, Apr 1 – Apr 10.
– Fixed number of days: number of days for package
– Price: fixed: adding prices for package, price is the same for all dates
– Price: different prices for different dates: price depends on the selected date

Package items:
– Select item type: Hotels/Rooms, Tours, Transits, Rentals, Products.
– List order: number (will be used to sort).

Package item “Hotels/Rooms”:
– Arrival date for hotel:
— any date in the period between package start date and package end date
— package start date + N days
— package end date – N days
– Type:
— fixed room and hotel
— selected room(s) in the selected hotel(s)
– Number of nights
– Number of rooms
– Extra adults: enabled/disabled, additional charge per night
– Extra child: enabled/disabled, additional charge per night
– Extra infants: enabled/disabled, additional charge per night
– Discount for single occupancy: will be applied if Adults=1
– Allow additional nights:
— price for each additional night
— max.number of additional nights.

Package item “Tours”/”Transits”:
– Trip date:
— package start date +N days
— package end date – N days
— any date in the period between package start date – package end date
– Type: fixed trip or selected trip(s)
– Time: any or fixed trip start time
– Default number of seats
– Price for additional seat
– Max.number of seats.

Package item “Rentals”:
– Rental arrival date:
— any date in the period between package start date – package end date
— package start date + N days
— package end date – N days
– Type: fixed rental or selected rental(s)
– Number of days: number of days to rent
– Default qty: default number of rentals
– Max qty: max. number of rentals allowed for selection
– Price for additional rental
– Arrival time: any or fixed time
– Number of hours: any or fixed number of hours.

Package item “Products”:
– Type: fixed product or selected product(s)
– Default qty: default number of product in package
– Max qty: max. number of products allowed for selection
– Price for additional qty: price for each additional product.

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