Reservation Options Engine

To Generate Reservation Options

IMS Voyager Reservation Software includes a powerful Reservation Options Engine.

Most reservation systems provide a few options, but with the Voyager reservation system, you can actually set up and generate as many options as you need.

The options can be:

  • available for your Sales Staff only
  • price can vary for each of your tours, trips, rooms, rentals or products
  • or add a tax rate to the option

For Hotels/Campgrounds

You can multiply the options by the:

  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Persons in a Room

Enable Options

Enable the options on each of your tours, trips, rooms, rentals, products:

  • Inc = it will be automatically included
  • Opt = the customer can choose the option
  • N/A = not applicable
  • Show only in given period = if the options are only available for a certain period

Type: Text Input

If you use the option type ‘Text’ the customer can enter any quantity, you can set the maximum quantity per order.

Type: Checkbox

If you use the option type ‘Checkbox’ the customer can not choose a quantity. The option will be added once only.

However if you use different prices for adult, children etc you can check the box ‘apply for all items’ and if somebody books an adult and a child it will be added twice.


Inventory can be created by

  • days
  • days/times

This feature plus all the other power option, features and capabilities of the Voyager Reservation Software system make IMS the leader in reservation system technology.

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