Reservation Change Management

Schedule Changes Due to Weather & Equipment Issues

Using advanced availability management techniques and dynamic customer identification; IMS Voyager dynamic reservation software, with it’s auto-ticketing and schedule change management inventory features also streamlines the management of schedules.

Auto-ticketing and schedule change management are two of many travel technology utilities available under the IMS Voyager product suite.

Achieve greater operational efficiency and cost savings, by automating manual movement of passengers to other trips, dates and times when weather and equipment issues force cancellations or changes in schedules.

Schedule/Itinerary Change Management
  • Easy way to change schedule/itinerary without stopping operations
  • Automatic notification (by e-mail) of affected passengers
  • Automated massive schedule change
  • Ability to mass move passengers from one trip/tour to another

By automating these reservation tasks it frees your agents to focus on client care.

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