A Rental Reservation Software for ANY type of rental requirement!

Reservation Management Software to make reservations of your rental property / equipment, such as; car rentals, boat rentals, marina, campground, cottages, villas, equipment, etc?


ODIN RENTAL Voyager Multi Channel Customer Experience!


ODIN is loaded with modules, applications & functional wizards that are suitable for companies requiring a more flexible, feature rich, online reservations & ticketing system. But that’s not all, when you buy ODIN Voyager you will be amazed by it’s outstanding functionality!

  • Fully integrated modules and features.. designed and written by us!
  • A true “mix and match” software system built on open technologies!
  • Ability to share and integrate products, catalogs, promotions, branding, and more with distributors and vendors!
  • Create turnkey Reservations & Ticketing websites quickly for your vendors, distributors, partners, and affiliates.

Voyager Rental reservation software is a complete reservation and merchandising system that fully integrates not only the booking and payment process, but also ALL the other components you need to successfully sell and market online and all managed from a single back-end administration.


The Sales Staff (Call Center) Desk allows the website owner to utilize internal Sales Staff or inbound/outbound Call Center staff, onboard or Kiosk based staff to book or make tour reservations on behalf of a client.

Your sales staff are able to access a wide range of powerful tour reservation software features and services. It provides a complete net-based platform of business-to-business (B2B), dealer or reseller integration connectivity for small to medium-sized business, enterprises and e-marketplaces.


Voyager Tour reservation software is also the perfect eBusiness solution for wholesalers, distributors and activity providers who sell through distributors, channel or resellers to end users.

It allows you to improve operational efficiency through increased collaboration with your trading partners in a vertically integrated, customer-centric multi-channel model.


Reinvent your value propositions, work outside traditional pricing and profit margins and offer customers complete access to your prices and product information.

Allowing your travel agents, dealers and distributors to sell and order online can significantly reduce costs plus it can demonstrate your product lines to millions of potential on-line buyers.

IMS Voyager includes a fully integrated Patron® Online Barcode Ticket Reservation System. You are able to print your own tickets and maintain exclusive control of your customer relationships, brands and revenue potential without paying any ongoing commissions.



Allows you to easily control your website(s) tour reservation content without the need of third party support. Load your own supplier content including inventory, pricing, data and images, you can also manage general content such as destinations, specials/hot deals, user defined pages, etc.


Perfect for Car Rentals, Boat Rentals, Marina Rentals or vacation property rental, condo rental, equipment, etc. This rental software allows an independent companies to implement an online reservation system through their website without significant investment in a large, complex tailored system.

Easily handles the inland boat and houseboat rental industry, Rentals-r-iT, marina and boat rental applications provide complete marketing and inventory-control tools primarily for multiple location, multiple marina operations with centralized accounting and inventory control.

IMS Voyager has the flexibility and depth of back-end features that provides Marketing, Operations and Accounting with the tools they need to manage sales, marinas and inventory in real time.


ODIN Voyager Rental Reservation Module


  • Its sophisticated inventory and pricing features optimizes profitability, for all kinds of rental products

  • Periods, half and full days, overnight, inventory replenish times, dynamically packaged elements, and custom-built rental itineraries.

  • Handles commission percentages for travel agents and account holders
  • Integrated smart ticketing and departure control solutions
  • Many modules, hundreds of features, over a thousand configurable rules
  • Free installation, training, support and lifetime guarantee!
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Rental Reservation Software

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The Open Distribution Integrated Network – ‘ODIN’ was been designed for all tourism and travel operators, reservation and distribution companies to increase reservations, financial returns and market coverage with cost effective solutions developed to meet the growing demand for cloud-based, secure reservation & ticketing schemes, which can open up lower cost smart ticketing to a wider market.

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