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Whether it’s custom software development on our ODIN platform, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting, or software support — we have you covered with an affordable hourly rate.

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PHP’s superb compatibility with other technologies, open-source, dynamic and interactive nature, universal browser support and database integration are some of the features that make it the most preferred programming language.

It allows our developers to build on and add your web applications to ODIN with the least investment of resources and time. If you are looking for the highly functional and effective PHP solutions, our developers have the required skill set and the talent to provide you bespoke development services based on our ODIN platform, no matter what type and what size of business you are running.

Ask for a quote for your particular ODIN upgrades and development.

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Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate


For any future developments on your behalf, if required by your company, we are able to set up a Git development server for your programmers and/or ours to provide code changes according to your specifications, which after Q & A can be moved to the live system.

Our rates for further development are between $55.00 US to $85.00 US per hour and are quoted and timelined for your approval. Typically small jobs of 1-5 hours are at $85.00 per hour, projects over 5 hours are at $55.00 per hour.

Lots of background work with library/archiving for code continuity are required irrespective of coding hours involved, so we need to charge the $85.00 per hour for those small tasks.


Our demo system is not just a few pictures and screen shots!

It is a fully accessible installation.

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