Multiple Companies Ferry, Bus, Aircraft type management & Complex Route Management with an unlimited number of ports of call (One Way, Return, Round Trip, Circular, Random Order, Full Open Date trips, etc.).


Choose the ODIN TRANSIT Transit Reservation & Ticketing Software Downloadable Source Code for Ferry, Shuttle & Bus – One Stop Travelers Choice™

ODIN TRANSIT Reservation & Ticketing Software for Ferry & Bus, Shuttle operations is loaded with modules, applications & functional wizards that are suitable for companies requiring a modular and highly configurable solution for ferry, bus, airline and shuttle operators, designed to meet the diversity of operational models present in their industry. But that’s not all when you purchase the ODIN TRANSIT system you will be amazed by its outstanding functionality!

We deliver and install the complete source code for the version modules purchased with a lifetime guarantee.

The purchase also includes installation of the source code on your server/domain, a fairly open training availability, set-up assistance and integration of your website look and feel, .CSS, etc., into the IMS system CMS templates.


Our demo system is not just a few pictures and screen shots!

It is a fully accessible installation.

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