ODIN TRANSIT & Tourism Bundle


Utilize your business’s unique branding to offer a ferry, bus & shuttle reservation & destination management ticketing system without investing in the infrastructure or technology creation around the solution.


Choose the ODIN TRANSIT Reservation & Ticketing Software Downloadable Source Code for Ferry, Shuttle & Bus – One Stop Travelers Choice™

ODIN TRANSIT Reservation & Ticketing Software for Ferry & Bus, Shuttle operations is loaded with modules, applications & functional wizards that are suitable for companies requiring a modular and highly configurable solution for ferry, bus, airline and shuttle operators, designed to meet the diversity of operational models present in their industry. But that’s not all when you buy & download the ODIN TRANSIT source code you will be amazed by its outstanding functionality!

Comes with documentation for you to install, configure and set up on your server! If you want us to install, please purchase installation service.

N.B. As the ODIN system download is open-source provided under our, “not for resale licence” and it can be copied after the sale, the purchase of the file is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please take a full overview of our demo system before you proceed to order. As such, we can avoid any future dispute.

Additional information

Tourism Modules

Destination Management Reservation Software with Tourism Activity Reservation Modules Included!

MODULAR INTEGRATION meaning you can enable the software modules you need such as; the tour reservation software, hotel reservation software, ferry & bus reservation software, rental reservation software, airline reservation software, restaurant and/or powerful e-commerce module, etc.

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Our demo system is not just a few pictures and screen shots!

It is a fully accessible installation.

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