Monthly Software Maintenance Package


Software maintenance where we provide updates, modifications, bug fixes, patches and additional features to your ODIN software installation


Our monthly software maintenance package is a monthly subscription fee that provides you with a peace-of-mind protection by keeping you covered for bugs and software problems.

Under our maintenance program, you will be entitled to free upgrades – usually once per year to eighteen months.

These upgrades often address issues reported by other software users and can greatly improve functionality and performance. Considering the overall cost of upgrades over time, this component of software maintenance is often all that is necessary to make the program worthwhile.

Our upgrades also reflect changes requested by customers and will also mean you receive a system based on the most up-to-date technology and software.

If you had any custom work done as part of your original implementation and purchase, then this will be included in the upgrade.

If you modified the code yourself, make sure to check that this custom work will also be upgraded by advising us and arranging for the changes to be uploaded to our system libraries.

N.B. software maintenance package requires we install your purchased ODIN system


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