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PHP and MySQL Powered Reservation Software

IMS Voyager Hotel, Tour, TRANSIT, Rental Reservation and eCommerce software is written in PHP and uses MySQLi for its database infrastructure.

PHP (Short for Hypertext Pre-processor) is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language to create dynamic web pages. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages.

PHP is embedded within tags, so the web developer can move between HTML and PHP instead of using large amounts of code. Because PHP is executed on the server, the viewer cannot see the code.

PHP can perform the same tasks as a CGI program can do and is compatible with many different kinds of databases including MySQL.

MySQLi enables organizations to cost-effectively scale-out their database infrastructure so they can exponentially grow their web-site traffic and transaction volumes.

IMS Voyager and IMScart use MySQLi as its database medium.

The MySQL database consistently scores among the top for performance, throughput and scalability. So it’s no surprise that MySQL is used for some of the most demanding, high volume, business-critical applications at companies like Associated Press, Cox Communications, Google, Lufthansa, MIT Lincoln Labs, NASA, Sabre Holdings, Yahoo and others.

Companies have implemented large “scale out” web and data warehouse applications running MySQL on dozens, hundreds and even thousands of commodity Intel and Opteron servers saving millions of dollars in the process. MySQLi scales to deal with billions of rows and terabytes of data making it suitable for a wide range of transactional and analytic applications.

reservation Scaling

Yahoo! also uses the MySQL database to power many of its web properties. The first was Yahoo! Finance, a popular web site that provides the full spectrum of financial services information.

Now, Yahoo! uses MySQL in many high-volume, business-critical systems throughout its network. Yahoo! has proven many times over that MySQL is an extremely reliable database and capable of even the most demanding, high-traffic applications.

Distributed Reservation Co-operation

One of the main issues in conducting business on the Internet is handling the instantaneous relationships that can be established between buyers, hoteliers/tour operators and reservation centres.

E-business in itself presupposes that the typical retail and channel marketing, development, etc., has been established and a suitable website with reservation abilities has been put in place.

IMS Voyager is a future generation extensible software using PHP and MySQL assembled using our new knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS®) methodology for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed market scalable solutions.

Typical reservation and ecommerce solutions currently in place and available today are technically designed to achieve only one optimum objective function, which is to connect buyer to seller, i.e., ‘A reservation desk or shopping cart’. These ‘desk/carts’ typically act as the cash-point in a hotel, retail store or online business and do not readily facilitate integration into a complete business model.

As such, after a detailed study of co-operative distributed business environments our objective was to design and realize software that would enable any business to readily execute distributed and co-operative ecommerce on the Internet.

In MOS®, architectural design consideration was given to the sub-populations that drive most business models, such as: supply, inventory control, RevPar, marketing, merchandising, sales, rate distribution, travel agents/channel resellers, customers and final delivery to that end-user or purchaser, i.e., order fulfillment.

As each of these sub-populations does not exist by its self, but in cooperation with others, only IMS Voyager provides the ability to satisfy all sub-populations of a business model.

IMS Voyager can be installed and ordered with the best solutions and dynamic adjustments for businesses with a wide variety of sub-population requirements.

IMS Voyager developed using MOS clearly demonstrates the concurrent execution of a typical business model and reflects the true concurrency that is present in business sub-populations and more closely corresponds as an eBusiness solution to the way in which the majority of hotel & tour businesses are physically implemented and operated.

So, basically there is no real limit to the scalability of IMS software.

This powerful multi-platform cloud based reservation software, is our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application, with a powerful pre-built customizable functionality, delivering features, benefits and price performance, that allow it to outperform any other product of its type in the market place today, for hotels, tour companies, ferry & bus operators, online restaurants, rental agencies and e-distribution websites.

IMS Software code is scalable, proprietary and we also allow licensed third party developers to design compatible applications. In particular: we use PHP a widely-used scripting language especially suited for Web development and MySQL – The world’s most popular open source database

IMS Voyager is a future generation extensible software using PHP and MySQL assembled using our new knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS®) methodology for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed market scalable solutions.

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