Internet Merchandising Systems Inc. announced today the availability of its Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site PATRON Event Ticketing System that is also capable of forming Connections to “Smart City” Datasets.       

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) February 2nd, 2017

PATRON Event Ticketing includes a comprehensive set of modules needed to efficiently run an entire business including ticketing, point of sale, e-commerce, memberships, events & reservations, inventory, sales & marketing, member portal, online waivers, and much more.

Provide your event details, date and time, and the venue. After that you can set up tickets. PATRON Events supports multiple tickets with different prices. Once you are done with tickets, you can make your event live. Guests may use mobile devices or even print at home options, but also supports traditional event goers who want a legitimate ticket in hand.

PATRON integrates next-generation ticketing options that start online and work seamlessly through the complete process for both event makers and attendees. For the attendee, PATRON offers simple, secure online ticketing and reduces long lines through its ability to scan multiple tickets at once and provides ability to support multiple venues, styles, capacities, and price points.

The PATRON platform excels by bundling ticketing, scheduling, marketing and management together into one robust platform. The native “3Notes” app improves communication between event organizers by enabling users to send private messages relaying important information and allows direct communication with clients.

As part of the ODIN platform PATRON Events also provides additional revenue stream for event organizers by enabling creation and direct sale of custom merchandise with the integrated ecommerce module.

ODIN is a Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) Multi-Tenant, Multi-Brand, Multi-Site Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing software loaded with modules, applications, widgets & functional wizards that are suitable for companies requiring a more flexible, feature rich, reservations, ticketing & fare collection system. It can be configured for single or multi-tenant operation.

Multi-tenancy is a business strategy in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers, or “tenants. As it pertains to a reservations & ticketing business strategy, multi tenancy gives reservations & ticketing businesses the ability to enable tenants to share and customize sections of their reservations & ticketing solution thus configuring a multi-tenancy implementation, which is vendor hardware independent.

By supporting multi-tenancy ODIN PATRON allows multiple operators to be organized in a common metropolitan area, possibly sharing common customers, smartcards and multi-modal tickets. As such, ODIN provides a consolidated view of common business information (customer, cards, sales, validations, etc.) to all operators via their secure account access login.

The ODIN Enterprise multi-store reservations & ticketing platform enables a user to easily build hundreds of distinctly branded reservations & ticketing websites using a single shared database or multiple individual or shared databases. Whether it is multiple brands, multiple product catalogs or promotional micro sites, ODIN Enterprise helps users deliver a comprehensive multi-destination reservations & ticketing strategy all through a single integrated system.

Implementing either a single event ticketing website or a multi-destination reservations & ticketing business strategy in a cloud based architecture in which the core processes of event ticketing are offered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, which can be subscribed to by other event organizations operators that pay-per-use, will allow you to provide visitors with a more relevant and engaging reservations & ticketing website experience, leading to significantly increased conversions, improved customer acquisition and higher return on investment.

Internet Merchandising Systems Inc. ( creates and delivers, pre-built application functionality with their Scalable Service Orientated “On Demand Integrated Network’ ODIN ENTERPRISE with its Voyager reservation and ticketing system modules and RezervLinx Destination Management Systems Architecture.

This includes, Voyager Tour DESTINATION and TRANSIT (Ferry & Bus) software system modules, with integrated PATRON Event ticketing, plus ecommerce, Hotel, Rental, Marina & Campground Reservation module’s and integrated PATRON barcode ticketing systems that helps companies and “Smart City” e-distribution websites build connected enterprises to capture more market share, communicate effectively and operate competitively in today’s Internet environment.

This powerful multi-platform tourism reservation software, is a Commercial and Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (COTS/MOTS) PHP/MySQL application, with a powerful pre-built customizable functionality, delivering features, benefits and price performance, that allow it to outperform any other product of its type in the market place today.

IMS ODIN ENTERPRISE Destination Management Systems Software is scalable, proprietary and available in ‘White label’ source code versions that allow licensed third party developers to design and sell compatible applications.

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