Online Contracting Rate Distribution

Resellers Online Contracting & Rate Distribution

The advantages of ‘online contracting’ & ‘rate distribution’ in dealing with great numbers of travel agents and corporate clients allows a Hotel, Tour, Rental or Transit company, etc., to easily set rates and allotments in the system, at which point any approved travel agent will have access to view availability and make reservations right away.

There are three (3) methods by which Reseller/Travel Agents can work with IMS Voyager, Tour Reservation Software, Transit for Ferry, Bus, Airline, Rail or the Voyager Hotel Reservation Software.

Online contracting enables you to serve your clients equally.

  • They can buy your products at a discounted rate (a percentage % of your choice) under their name and use or resell them or;
  • With the confirmation email, they received your logo/link graphic of choice with an ID string to put on their Website. So when visitors are accessing their Website and select a Room/Tour (for example), they click on your logo on their website page, and directly access your Website to complete the reservation. That reservation will be made to the customer’s name but will be credited to the Travel agent with their unique Travel Agent ID number embedded in the transaction.
  • Travel Agents can book for their customers by accessing a unique Sales link on your website. After their secure login details are accepted, they access the list of their customers where they can choose from if needed. If it is a new customer for them, they can create a new client profile and proceed with the booking. To get credited for the transaction, travel agents must go through the special sales link so their ID is part of the booking. Again that reservation will be made to the customer’s name but will be credited to the Travel agent with their ID number embedded in the transaction.

You can access Travel agent reports for commission purposes. A Reseller/Agent is able to access their report with their unique username and password.

The login and password that is issued by a company can be distributed to as many reservation staff as the travel agent decides. Every reservation staff member can thus view rates and availability, real-time. There’s no need to await the announcement of any adjustments in rates from the supervisor.

You may also establish credit limits for your agents and the system will automatically check purchases against available credit, etc. Payments can be noted and complete reports are available in the agents online account and for Admin.

And, of course, no need to wait for reservation confirmation, as they are performing online reservations not reservation requests or so-called ‘reservation form submission.


  • No need to call, fax, e-mail
  • Online reservation confirmation instantly available, along with amendments and cancellations.
  • Very easy to manage the reservation and arrival list.
  • Most bookings sent are definitely confirmed!
  • Easily manage credit for agents.

Online contracting enables you to serve your clients equally. Upon approval, travel agents and corporate clients are granted a login and password combination to have access to rates and allotment 24/7, and can make reservations with instant confirmation at their prevailing rates.

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