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Online travel agencies (OTAs) are travel companies that sell various tourism products directly to travelers on the booking websites with online travel agency software.

While the share of online booking is constantly growing, OTAs become more concerned about the performance and seek the best travel software for their reservation systems.


In addition to specific technical requirements to meet, travel website software should have a user-friendly interface and a number of features to attract demanding tourists and experienced web surfers. For example, many tourists are interested in booking all tourism products on one website, including flights, hotels, transfers, railway tickets, excursions, and more. Our Enterprise software with its vendor wizards, XML API OTS functionalities, RezTxfer, domain microsite creation wizards and other extensive B2B capabilities provide a great base to build upon.

The OTAs enterprise management system must be able to do many complicated tasks simultaneously: manage allotments and prices, set commissions and markups, create invoices, support extended loyalty programs, provide ticket capabilities and others. An important requirement is the possibility to efficiently manage reseller and commissionable programs that may be highly beneficial for the OTA’s business.

It is very important for online travel agencies to promote their services effectively, and technology is crucial for overall performance. A modern travel booking solution cannot succeed without improved dynamic cache and advanced load balancing to enable fast search and price comparison.

Enterprise Voyager is, essentially characterized by the following features (Scaling Architecture) that allow it to be scaleable and take advantage of MySQL clustering techniques.

This as part of its distributed Architecture for implementation of the reservation software to enable any station to any station, anytime advance reservation & Ticketing including Mobile phone based M-Ticketing and online web based E-Ticketing for larger reservation requirements.

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