ODIN – Under the Hood

ODIN “On Demand Integrated Network’ reservation software has been in continuous development since 2001/2002 and is our flexible Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) reservation & ticketing software system that can be configured to match the majority of transit, travel & event business requirements.

The ODIN system is extensible software, using primarily PHP and MySQLi, developed and written using our knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS®) methodology for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed scalable modular system solutions.

This methodology allowed us in the early days of development to establish the basic chassis or framework that would allow a centralized administration controlling multiple sub modules.

As such, the central framework contains all of the elements such as ticketing, printing and scanning. Merchant gateways, centralized check out and rules engine, reports, APIs and other requirements identified as being necessary for group operations.

The centralized functions also include the control rooms for sales staff, travel agents and resellers, suppliers and vendors with detailed user control functions provided by the central administration control modules.

This then allows, functional integrated modules for operations such as, tour and activity, hotel and accommodation, campground, rentals, shuttle services, full-scale transit ferry, bus, train and other such passenger operations.

This modular capability allows users to select only the features and operational capabilities they require. Furthermore, as we typically work and sell as a white label solution to consultants, web designers and larger organizations worldwide, the system is in continuous development.

With our White label packaging, we install the complete source code for the client, and Odin with its extensive templates and .CSS support allows major changes to its look and feel to satisfy fully, a clients requirements.

Check out the reservation and ticketing system you are currently using, you will probably find that it’s underpinning is based on our Odin platform.