New features in ODIN Software V5.0 to V6.0


See what’s new in the latest, greatest version of ODIN V6.0 Software

We are constantly developing and improving our ODIN system, and our upgrade service makes it easy for you to take advantage of the latest advances in ODIN Voyager software technology.

If you have our Software Upgrade and Support Plan it makes upgrading your ODIN systems more efficient and cost-effective. This simplified plan lets you take advantage of pricing benefits along with our outstanding technical support to perform the upgrade process as installation and training on the updated software may also be included.

Here are just some of the new things you can do with ODIN V6.0:

Vacation Packages Builder

Info on packages can be found at –

Multi-Tenant Event Ticketing

Included advanced Event ticketing module –


Support for geo fencing has been added, in particular for coupons –

Safe Travel Module addition.

The user client profile within the ODIN Enterprise reservation and ticketing system has been designed so it can contain three photo ID files. These could consist of photo, fingerprint scan and retinal scan that can be printed or viewed and even exported to RFID technology.

Auto-Sharding with MySQL Cluster

The Voyager reservation system with added support for MySQLi, characterized by the following features (Architecture) that now allow it to be further scalable and take advantage of MySQLi clustering techniques.

PHP 5.6 OpCode Cach Support

Support for OpCode Caches are a performance enhancing extension for PHP 5.6. They do this by injecting themselves into the execution life-cycle of PHP and caching the results of the compilation phase for later reuse. It is not uncommon to see a 3x performance increase just by enabling an OpCode cache.

Rules & Feature Additions

1. Change `Override Inventory` for tours and transits to update prices for items if inventory type=use common inventory.

2. Changes for order modification to always include old payment amount and credit in the previous payments.

3. Change `Vouchers Report` to work with multiple vouchers for one order.

4. Changes for new packages:
– Show only destinations where packages are available;
– Displaying `sale price` on the package search results and package details page;
– Apply `special offer` price for packages.

5. Adding `No Departure` option for transit categories.

6. Perform additional seats validation after clicking on `Order` button.

7. Create new RezTxFer for rentals with top menu.

8. Changes for the new packages:

– Front-end: package pages (including changes on the tour/transit/room/rental details pages).

9. Add new checkbox on p2p form: `show on check-out too`.
Displaying related p2p products on the shopping cart page if enabled.

10. Show `Total Paid` value instead of `Total` on the order confirmation, `List orders` and order details pages.

11. Use `Rental start time` and `Rental end time` as default times in the block `Fixed prices for the given number of hours/days`.

12. Change states dropdown box when user selected different country on the registration page.

13. Hide `Book now with a daily/hourly deposit` column on the rental-booking page if deposit option disabled for rentals.

14. Change calendars on the package page to be the same as on the search forms.

15. Change RezTxFer for transit to use jquery instead of prototype.js.

16. Change rental search form and rental booking page to use the same calendar as for other search forms.

17. Change rental booking page:
– Show deposit value, if deposit enabled;
– Show reservation fee value, if reservation fee > 0;
– Hide `Book now with a daily/hourly deposit` column if reservation fee = 0 and deposit disabled.

18. Adding RezTxFer page for e-commerce with

19. Develop package pages and change shopping cart/order confirmation:
– Front-end: changing shopping cart and orders functionality for packages.

20. Change `Fixed prices for the given number of hours/days` block for rentals in the back-end to use text field for dates.

21. Adding dropdown menu for the new packages.

22. Changes for packages: adding `Additional costs/discounts depending on the number of hours before` trip.

23. Adding new `Edit Config` variable to create barcode for each ticket.

24. Packages: change `fixed` element for tours, transit, e-commerce to display text fields in the table.

25. Adding new `Edit Config` variable to enable/disable shipping for packages.

26. Changing Cron to get exchange rates for all currencies (not only for USD).

27. Adding destination for packages. Show `destination` field on the package search form.

28. Replace quantity number for hours (like 1.75) with number of hours and minutes for rentals (like 1h.45min).

29. Adding new field `Add Quantity` to `Override Inventory` page for rentals.

30. Adding passengers’ fields for new packages.

31. Change package items for hotels, rentals and e-commerce to multiply by package qty.

32. Showing discounts and additional charges for package on the shopping cart and order confirmation pages.

33. Add checkbox `Include departure date in the package days` on the package form.
It will change functionality for `Fixed number of days` field.

34. Change functionality for `Max # of seats` value: multiply by number of packages.

35. Changes for rentals inventory and prices:
– Generate/change inventory for every minute, e.g. 8:01, 8:02 etc.;
– Add `Min.time` and `Max.time` fields;
– Adding `Additional time` field;
– Adding fields `Min time price` and `Additional time price`;
– On the front-end user will select `start time` and `rental time`; `end time` will be calculated automatically.

36. Modify all date fields on the package form:
– Use text fields mm,dd,yyyy instead of dropdown boxes;
– Show text fields in the order depending on BRITISH_DATES variable.

37. Changes for package form:
– Hide retail price
– Rename `Availability` block to `Availability & Prices`
– Add JavaScript validation for package name, category and IDENT fields.

38. Changes for packages: adding `Additional costs/discounts depending on the number of hours before` trip. It will work for:
– Rentals;
– Hotels.
In case of hotels `NDays` will be used instead of `Nhours`.

39. Show original package price (without additional costs and discounts) on the shopping cart page.

40. Disable `Schedule` link for tours and transits when booking a package.

41. Implement `Price for additional night` for each room in case of multiple hotels/rooms selection.

42. Add `List Order` field on the package form for each tour/transit in case of multiple selection. Use this field to sort tours/transits in the dropdown box on the package booking page.

43. Add new `Save` button for package item.
Redirect on the package form after saving and open `Package Items` block again.

44. Create new language variables for package price title.

45. Change functionality for `Max # of seats` value: multiply by number of packages.

46. Implement different additional fields for tours, transits and packages.

47. Changes for mobile devices:
– Automatic mobile device detection using class;
– Using additional CSS for mobile device: imscart_responsive_seatmap.css;
– Using checkboxes instead of seat maps for mobile devices.

48. Different changes:
– Enable the ability to book only one room per order;
– Making changes on the room-booking screen;
– Adding column `Dinner` to `Summary for period` report inside of `Room Bookings`.

49. Adding new checkbox for packages:
– Shopper must select different tour dates for the same tour.

50. Changes for packages:
– Show selected items at the top in the same way as on the checkout page;
– Add `Edit` link for each package item.

51. Disable `in stock` validation for all modules except e-commerce.

52. Change rental availability calendar for rentals:
– Show rental availability for each hour;
– Mark unavailable hours with red background;
– Mark available hours with green background.

53. Do not show `Number of camping guests` and `Number of Dinner Guests` on the room page when booking package.

54. Add new `Edit Config` variables to enable/disable discount reasons:

55. Showing button to add event to Google Calendar for:
– Shopper
– Sales staff
– Travel agent
– Admin
Can be enabled/disabled for each user type using `Edit Config` variables.

56. Adding routes to transit module:
– Add/save route name in the wizard
– Add route dropdown box on the transit form
– Show route name on the `Print Manifest` report
– Change `Open/Close Seats` to use selected route
– Create new section in the admin.area to add/modify/remove routes

57. Create new section `Transit & Shuttle / Inventory / Mass Update`.

58. Change `Tours/Inventory/List Inventory/click on the number of booked seats` page to show package bookings.

59. Change `Print Manifest` pages to show package bookings.

60. Change `Transit & Shuttle/Inventory/List Inventory/click on the number of booked seats` page to show package bookings.

61. Change `Tours/Transfer Tours` page to show package bookings.

62. Sort package items using `trip date/arrival date`.

63. Change `Transit & Shuttle/Transfer Trips` page to show package bookings.

64. Change `Passenger Contacts` report to show package bookings.

65. Change `Passengers Trip Report` to show package bookings.

66. Change `Tour Bookings` report to show package bookings.

67. Change room-booking page to show extra adult/extra child charges, single person discount in the same way as for packages.

68. Change `Check-in Report` to show package bookings.

69. Change `Report by destination` to show package bookings.

70. Change `Notes Report` to show package bookings.

71. Change `Frequent Travel Passengers` report to show package bookings.

72. Change transit search results page to show attributes names and checkboxes to select quantities in one column.

73. Change `Daily Revenue Reconciliation` report to show package bookings.

74. Change `Look ahead Report` to add ALL online bookings (non sales staff) for the Colorado Tour to the VAN count.

75. Hide `Guests` row on the shopping cart and order confirmation page if passenger’s information is absent.

76. Change `Availability` page for sales staff to show unpublished trips.

77. Add `Total for packages` column to `Trips Report` and change report to show packages.

78. Change `Passengers Report` to show package bookings.

79. Integrate new payment option with IMS Voyager – PayPal Express Checkout.

80. Change package page when booking rentals with fixed time and duration:
– Show only one date field (pick-up date);
– Drop-off date is set automatically as pick-up date.

81. Change `Trips Report` to scroll down after clicking on `View Report` button.

82. Changes for shopper’s accounts:
– Merge accounts: delete old accounts and move orders to the latest one;
– For sales staff: if shopper with the same first/last name exists, then show option to use existing account;

83. Change `List Inventory` page for tours to be able to edit price and total number of seats.

84. Change `Daily Sales` report to work with packages.

85. Add customer`s email to `Room Bookings` report.

86. Change `Availability` page to show selected date on the calendar instead of current date.

87. Set max.tour and transit availability depending on the time before the trip, for example:
> – 2 months before trip date and later: 30 seats
> – 2 months – 2 weeks before trip date: 30 seats
> – 2 weeks – 2 days before trip date: 30 seats
> – 2 days before trip date – trip date: 10 seats
If no seats booked for previous period, then add them to the next periods.
Implement changes on the trip form and trip category form.

88. Add new `Edit Config` variable to specify custom vendor email to receive order confirmation emails.

89. Changes for `List Inventory` page for transits:
– add the ability to change price and total seats (same as for tours);
– add `select trip` dropdown box.

90. Change `Daily Report` to select current date period by default.

91. Adding validation for `Number of seats` value on the `List Inventory` page.

92. Show only available dates on the rental-booking calendar.

93. Add the ability to change `Number of available seats` on `List Inventory` page.

94. Add new `Edit Config` config variable ALLOW_RECREATE_INVENTORY:
1=allow re-create inventory (default)
0=do not allow

95. Add the ability for tour owners to create their page with RezTxFer and specify header text/image.

96. Change wizard:
– Create new route automatically (as it is now)
– Select the existing one.

97. Change barcodes to save image in the local file to avoid firewall restrictions.

98. Changes for p2p products:
– Remove p2p products from the right column on all pages;
– Show p2p products across from Continue Shopping button on the itinerary page.

99. Create new `Edit Config` variable to enable freight option for shoppers.

100. Add validation when removing tours and transit:
– Check if tour/transit exists in the transit setup.

101. New feature for tour owners:
– Create registration page
– Administrator will be able to specify fee for each ticket (will be added to price)
– Create report with owner`s sales so administrator will be able to see fees

102. Add new report for sales staff: `Tours/Trips List of Bar Codes`.

103. Add QR-codes instead of existing barcodes as `Edit Config` option.

104. Adding new `Edit Config` variable to check number of days between current date and return trip date.

105. Add new `Edit Config` variable to validate barcode without trip/date/time selection.

106. Show both columns `Order Total` and `Total Payments` on the `List Orders` page.

107. Create Cron to delete automatically unused inventory for tours, transits, hotels and rentals.
New `Edit Config` variable DEL_INV_MIN_DAYS will control number of days in the past.

108. Adding Captcha to the following pages:
– Newsletter
– Registration page
– Registration for travel agents
– Registration for affiliates

109. Add `Max. Number of items for each trip date/time` field on the wizard form.

110. Adding ferry upgrade changes to V5.0: back-end.

111. Change `List of Bar Codes` report to display passenger names instead of shopper name.

112. Create dashboard page for admins and sales staff to show:
– Latest registered users
– Latest inventory for tours/trips
– Latest orders
– Sales chart

113. Changes to use one inventory group for several trips.

114. Change orders CSV export to use all filters from `List Orders` page.

115. Add `Number of feet` for vehicle on the itinerary page.

116. Add `Trips` column on the `List Inventory by Groups` page.

117. Change `Create inventory by group` page:
– Show trip times for all trips in the group
– Show checkboxes to generate main inventory for all trips

118. Change `Dashboard` section to display inventory starting from the current date and time.

119. Adding new columns on the “Check-in” page:
– Passenger names
– Item name (adult, child…)

120. Change “Check-in” page.

121. Change `Transfer Trips` functionality to update inventory for internal trips.

122. Change countries dropdown box to select country with highest `List Order` as default.

123. Create new permissions for sales staff: Senior Sales Staff/Sales Staff.

124. Update main tour/trip price on the booking page when date and time was changed.

125. Making additional changes to protect against:
– Cross-site scripting
– SQL Injection
Replace some characters for all registration form fields.

126. Add the ability to specify limitation for the number of seats to book (for each date/time).

127. Add the ability to select rental times on the `Override Inventory` page for rentals.

128. Create RezTxFer for packages.

129. Add JavaScript validation for the mandatory fields on the itinerary page.

130. Add user`s passport images to PDFs.

131. Change PDF with ticket: move barcode and passenger name to the bottom.

132. Add checkboxes to select fields to view on the `Room Bookings` report:
– Res #
– Shopper name
– Email
– RV Type
– RV Length
– Amps
– Rms

133. Add Google Calendar link in the order confirmation email.

134. Add `Room Tenant` on the `Room Bookings` report as checkbox.

135. Add the ability to upload high-res logo for the site to use in PDF.

136. Changes for `Van / Van Members Payments` report:
– Add “ID” column to the report and CSV file
– Change `Comments` in CSV file to remain in the same column.

137. Add the ability to show seat map for the return trip (as `Edit Config` option).

138. Change Google Calendar links to work with packages.

139. Add `Edit Config` variable to add/remove hours from trip time when using Google Calendar links.

140. Changing checkboxes for those sales staff reports:
– Room Bookings
– Trips Report.

141. Different changes:
– Registration form: check if entered email already exists
– Van payment page: show confirmation page with all payment details and `Confirm`/`Back` buttons
– Registration form: check VAN numbers and ID code
– Van payment page: check `Amount` field (must contain valid number)
– Van payment page: change the message after payment: `Payment has been submitted`.

142. Hide left column in RezTxFer automatically if content is absent.

143. Changes for RezTxFer:
– Change itinerary block in the left column
– Add option for RezTxFer CSS: `do not replace original styles`.

144. Changes for back-end:
– Add separate link for packages;
– Change panels on the tour form.

145. Add `Email` address to `Van / Van Members Payments` report and CSV.

146. Implement new validations:
A. Not possible to change status if order is opened for modification.
B. Not possible to modify by other user.
C. Cannot modify order if for order status “Restore availability=yes” is set (like Pending).

147. Add new `Edit Config` variable to hide IDENT from everywhere:
– Itinerary page
– Order confirmation page/email
– PDF with ticket.

148. Different changes for `Hotels` module:
– Remove price in brackets on the search results page;
– Add `coupon code` to search box;
– Ability to set default arrival and departure date;
– Add the ability to change search parameters and add another room parameters to search.

149. Adding `Static text for payments` to `List Various Pages` to show content on `VAN payments` page.
Also adding automatic `Payment for month` selection depending on the current date.

150. Change itinerary page to group items with the same names.

151. Change the message in log when inventory changed back automatically by system.

152. Changing error messages for coupons for tours

153. Sales staff can click on ‘Print Manifest’ & select the trip/date. 2 options: Print Manifest and Print Manifest (Brief)