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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions!


Can you add or list groups in Rezervlinx mobile?2018-12-28T11:38:50-04:00

A user creates a group:

Group Name. Text field

Destination: Destination drop-down defined by Sales Rep Config in the back end.

Arrival date (Android Date Picker)

Departure Date (Android Date Picker)

Description: Text

Listview of groups showing name and arrival date.

The user can search by arrival date, name and only groups created by that user.

Name search finds all values that contain searched characters, e.g. Search Name ley will find Riley Group (Not case sensitive).

View details of the group in list form.

can you filter flights by passengers2018-12-28T11:38:50-04:00

List of flights in flight table filtered by default hotel (arrival hotel for arrivals and departure hotel for departures). Displays number of passengers arriving on each flight (Adults.Children.Infants e.g.25.2.2 is 25 adults, 2 children and 2 infants). 

We want to sell travel packages using STRIPE and use our regular payment gateway for our other sales.2018-02-14T08:29:38-04:00

We developed a new configuration selection in the rules engine – PACKAGES_PAYMENT_SYSTEM – Sets payment system for packages.

If empty or incorrect, then default payment system used.

When PACKAGES_PAYMENT_SYSTEM is not empty(e.g. PACKAGES_PAYMENT_SYSTEM=STRIPE) users can add to cart either packages or tours, not both.

In this case for packages, the system uses STRIPE and for tours, the system uses your regular payment gateway.

When I purchase, do you send a file to download?2018-12-28T11:38:50-04:00

No, we do all the work for you! The complete source code is downloaded onto your server and integrated by us within your website.

You are able to make as many backups as you want. Most clients run Db backups and domain backups as part of their overall site/domain backup.

You have the complete system to backup/copy/control on your domain server/website?

The system requires a minimum of 50Gb hosting for the source code using PHP and MySQL database setup. You have all of the files installed necessary for the complete system you purchase.

What About Account-Based Ticketing?2017-10-10T14:46:05-04:00

With ODIN, you can also set-up Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) capabilities.

ABT passengers, then simply use stored value in their ODIN account, paying for their journey at the best possible fare.

As well as mobile barcode tickets, the ODIN multi-format reservation & ticketing software facilitates the use of a variety of fare media, including; contactless credit cards, smartcard, coupons, vouchers, digital wallets and more.

I Have An Old Version, Can It Be Upgraded?2017-10-10T13:32:22-04:00

We are constantly developing and improving our ODIN system, and our upgrade service makes it easy for you to take advantage of the latest advances in ODIN Voyager software technology.

See New features in ODIN Software V5.0 to V6.0

Is There an API?2018-12-28T11:38:50-04:00

The availability of the ODIN API, the world’s first reservation & ticketing API for tourism & passenger transport services, means you can now integrate the market leading ticketing software system into existing or new applications. You can even set up your own shared ticketing platform.

This feature allows:
– to obtain information from ODIN V6.0 database in XML format;
– perform remote V6.0 booking using your own website or any other application;
– insert/update ODIN inventory;
– get detailed information about tours, hotels and transit in the ODIN system in XML format.

What About Check-In?2018-12-28T11:38:50-04:00

Easy and quick passenger and car check-in process using bar code scanning, also support for check-in supervisor functionality: monitoring overall progress, statistics and no-show management.

Support for user-definable documents (vouchers, key card, ticket, etc.) with ability to do partial check-in of guests/cars.

Quick reservation for show and go passengers/cars plus cash register functionality for check-in agents, also quick payment and ticket production for last minute walk-ons with integrated PATRON ticketing.

I Want to Carry Packages on My Bus!2017-10-06T13:35:18-04:00

No problem! Check out our Transit & Tour Freight Handling Features.

Your sales agents and administrators will be able to set up a freight operation to make use of any spare cargo capacity your bus or ferry (even aircraft) will have to carry freight, packages or even mail.

What is Digital Cart Parking?2017-10-06T08:51:57-04:00

ODIN Voyager® TRANSIT® includes our proprietary Digital Cart Parking® system.
With the development and addition of Digital Cart Parking® your potential purchaser and guests may park their digital cart checkout for up to 30 days merely by choosing that option..
– Next time the guest visits your website they are reminded that their parked checkout is available.
– Reminder notices and other up-selling techniques are available for converting that parked reservation into a sale.
– The actual product/room/tour or items are not pulled out of inventory until the reservation; purchase or checkout process is completed.

What About Itinerary Change Management?2017-10-06T08:49:06-04:00

TRANSIT dynamic reservation software, with it’s auto-ticketing and schedule change management inventory features also streamlines the management of schedules
– easy way to change schedule/itinerary without stopping operations
– automatic notification (by e-mail or SMS) of affected passengers
– ability to mass move passengers from one voyage, tour or hotel, etc., to another in case of ship substitution or itinerary changes

Does the Reservation System also Handle Multi-Leg Charter Quotations?2017-10-06T08:44:57-04:00

It does. Our charter quote request module contains a quotation management system designed for the rapid input, storage and retrieval of private hire quotations.
The integrated charter booking office readily assists operators in receiving online inquiries providing a customized response and automatically accepting a booking.

Can You Assign Drivers, Captains or Crew to Routes?2018-12-28T11:38:50-04:00

With ODIN, you are able to assign crew, provide them with their own user profile, allow them to book and take payments with full reporting.

They are also able to act as sales staff, print their own manifests and check or scan registered ticket holders on board.

Add driver to route
Can you Check Mobile Tickets?2018-12-28T11:38:51-04:00

All tickets and passes, including mobile tickets, Passbook and electronic tickets, produced by your IMS system, have unique barcode numbers, which allow you to effectively manage all entries into and exits from your events, pre-boarding or boarding requirements.

Your devices communicate with your IMS database in real time, so you can choose the style that best suits your event, or even combine several different models or types of scanning devices or even RFID’s.

Read more here..

Does ODIN Support Mobile iOS or Android applications?2018-12-28T11:38:51-04:00

Yes, ODIN provides a powerful platform for mobile operations. The basic system is created with responsive templates that automatically adapt according to the devices accessing the system. Also with the larger Rezervlinx system we have a prebuilt  android mobile application as  described here.

ODIN  can support multiple clients and multiple mobile applications both iOS or android and all purpose built for each individual client or vendor.

According to clients requirements we can build or work with your developers to produce three types of apps:

Native apps are specific to a given mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the development tools and language that the respective platform supports (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Eclipse and Java with Android).

HTML5 apps use standard web technologies—typically HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This write-once-run-anywhere approach to mobile development creates cross-platform mobile applications that work on multiple devices.

Hybrid apps make it possible to embed HTML5 apps inside a thin native container. We define hybrid as a web app, primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript, that is then wrapped inside a thin native container that provides access to native platform features.

Rezervlinx Mobile Android App.
Can I Have More Than One Fare Type?2017-09-24T09:53:51-04:00

Supports a full range of fare structures including concessions, children, adults, group bookings and multiple journey tickets! It also has Departure control with advanced fare collection services.

It also manages multi-vessal, multi-route, multi-leg routes and simple round trip routes!

Can Passengers Select their Seats?2017-09-24T09:48:50-04:00

Includes a Calendar Driven Multiple Placement Selection Engine or Active Seat Maps with a Layout Graphical User Interface

This provides a powerful color-coded graphical seating or placement display (using customer provided graphical layouts) with easy mouse or keyboard-driven placement selection available for Voyager hotel, tour, rental and ticketing software.

Handles different booking types, such as passenger bookings with cabins, seats, vehicles and onboard services, cargo bookings and land bookings for hotels, cottages, connecting transports and events!

Does Your System Support Coupons?2017-09-24T09:44:31-04:00

Read more about our integrated Coupon & Promotions Engine. “Loyalty Rewarded™” system that helps you build customer loyalty and promote increased traffic to your Web sites.

The coupon system features an immediate discount at the time of sale, so your customer receives immediate gratification!

Utilizing a simple coupon code that you launch to existing customers via email, your website descriptions, Newsletters, online brochures and to prospective customers via Banner Ads, this is an effective and affordable way to Fuel Your Sales!

Does ODIN support Geo-Fencing?2018-12-28T11:38:51-04:00

Absolutely! ODIN’s opt-in client profile’s supports geo-fencing, geo-targeting and push coupon marketing, etc., for suitable Android and IOS based apps. More details..

Does ODIN Support Barcode?2018-12-28T11:38:56-04:00

With the the fully integrated Patron Online Ticket Desk Software you add an affordable and easy-to-use web based Barcode Ticket printing (using our Print@MyPC® technology), card swiping and Scanning solutions to the reservation system for your events, venues, tours and cruises, etc. More and more of your clients and ticket buyers are enjoying the benefits of print at home tickets.

Customers love being able to print their tickets immediately after their tour reservation ticket purchase and our clients love not having to print and mail tickets. Scanned E-Tickets can be validated by the PATRON system to prevent counterfeiting and duplication of tickets. It’s an effective way to grow your business, improve customer service and reduce operating costs while providing an end-to-end solution using our desktop ticketing technology over the web.

What are Your Software Policies?2017-09-20T22:03:37-04:00

The page link below contains many of the operational policies that IMS Software uses in its day-to-day operations and what you may expect when you purchase IMS software.


Does ODIN Have a Tour & Activity Reservation System Available?2017-09-20T08:30:16-04:00

The ODIN Voyager Tour reservation software module is a complete reservation and merchandising system that fully integrates not only the booking and payment process, but also ALL the other components you need to successfully sell and market your activities online and all managed from a single back-end administration.

It also includes the fully integrated Patron® Online Barcode Ticket Reservation System. You are able to print your own tickets and maintain exclusive control of your customer relationships, brands and revenue potential without paying any ongoing commissions.

ODIN Voyager Tour Reservation Module:

  • Ideal for tour, event and attraction providers
  • “Intelligent Pricing” to enter special deals & non-standard prices
  • Handles commission percentages for travel agents and account holders
  • Integrated smart ticketing and departure control solutions
  • Many modules, hundreds of features, over a thousand configurable rules
  • Free installation, training, support and lifetime guarantee!
Do You Support API’s?2018-12-28T11:38:56-04:00

IMS customers are able to build the IMS ODIN Engine XML API ‘s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications, also use Smart city datasets via API..

IMS Voyager Tour & Transit XML API

You are able to obtain information from IMS Voyager Tour & Transit database in XML format;
– Perform remote booking using your own website or any other application;
– insert/update IMS Voyager Tour & Transit inventory;
– Obtain detailed information in XML format about tours and transit in the IMS Voyager Tour & Transit system .

IMS customers are able to build the IMS Voyager Booking Engine XML API ‘s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications. It is able to provide customized ‘web services’ with the ability to access information in the inventory for the given period (total number of seats, number of booked seats, number of available seats) information about hotels/rooms (hotel name, rating, image URLs, prices) also search for tours and transit data using keyword and destination codes.

With ODIN we also can provide web Services using SOAP, REST, and JSON with Web Services covering the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI). This can be set up also for suppliers, vendors or resellers.

Will ODIN support my Sales staff?2018-12-28T11:38:56-04:00

Yes, the IMS Sales Engine with its multi-client Order Management System (OMS) is a software solution designed to be the hub of your internal operations.

For internal staff, call centers and kiosk fulfillment service providers, it offers unparalleled functionality and management of inventory, customers, and orders. It also manages sales connections, product access, reservations, payments and bookings, commissions and travel agent connections, etc.

Managers can control all Staff/Resellers assigned in their system. Owners/Administrators are able to select the display for reporting periods, with details such as Order number, Order date, Payment method, Total amount, Status of order, Sales Staff commission rate and Commission amounts being available. This report can also be used as a commission statement.

This allows your Sales Staff to take orders by telephone, a kiosk, fax or email and enter them directly into IMS Voyager via their browser to create reservations, print tickets (or book tours using the clients profile selected from the client list.

All integrated information is available for call center reservation staff to answer phone reservations: rates, availability, and package or event availability. All are quickly and accurately brought up to best serve the client, from pre-purchase stage.

The integrated Sales Staff/Call Center module can also accommodate phone reservations from travel agents and corporate clients. Integrated accordingly, sales staff will view negotiated contract rates and allotments assigned to particular staff or corporate customers.


What is PATRON Events?2017-09-19T14:14:36-04:00

PATRON EVENTS, is a feature-rich event ticketing reservation software solution for tours, transit, venues, promoters, producers, theme parks, museums, theatres, film festivals, concerts, music festivals, and more.

Manage event registration and online ticket sales with PATRON. Choose whether you would like to publish a free event or have your attendees purchase tickets through the event page. Pick the payment method with online credit card processing or customer invoicing. Define special conditions such as Early-bird ticket prices, member perks and benefits, or multiple ticket tiers. Everything you need to boost your event attendance and manage your guest lists all from one place.

What is TicketSwift?2017-09-19T14:09:22-04:00

PATRON integrates with ticket printers, credit card readers, cash drawers, and touch-screens for a complete box office system without the expense and technical challenges of stand-alone systems.

You can even use the TicketSwift feature to produce tickets at kiosks, at gates, in fact anywhere you need to sell tickets for the event within seconds. Ensures rapid processing into events or boarding transportation equipment.

It also supports touch screen templates.

Can you issue tickets via sales channels?2017-09-19T14:07:53-04:00

Our PATRON Ticketing solution expands your sales channels letting you sell:

  • On-site at the front gate or through kiosks
  • Online with a customer-friendly dynamic responsive design web store
  • Through a group sales web store or by phoning a call center for advance bookings
  • Through resellers at area hotels, the local grocery store and more
  • To online ticketing agencies or third-party distributors

You can also enhance the guest experience by providing various ways for them to receive and use their tickets:

  • Printed tickets and RFID bands available at a ticket window and/or kiosks
  • Emailed tickets that can be either printed at home or displayed on a mobile phone
What is Print@MyPC?2017-09-19T14:05:43-04:00

When a ticket is purchased through the ODIN system, the customer can choose their preferred method of distribution – the traditional ticket mailed to them, “Pickup” at any outlet/embarkation point/box office or they may choose the Print@MyPC print at home option.

This option sends an Adobe Acrobat PDF file with all of the details of their purchase

Every Print@MyPC® “print a ticket at home” Ticketing System ticket, has a uniquely encrypted barcode to validate entry to your tours/seats/events and allow for detection of counterfeit tickets.

The Print@MyPC ticket is passed under an optical scanner enabling admission information to be verified in real time by the ticketing system for verification and recording before admission is granted to the ticket holder.

What is PATRON Ticketing?2017-09-20T08:34:53-04:00

From selling general admission tickets to having complicated dynamic ticket pricing, you can make it all possible with the fully integrated PATRON Event & Transit Ticketing Reservation & Fare Collection System!.

PATRON allows you an unlimited number of users and computers. Set it up on as many computers as you’d like (including remote outlets), each will be connected to share information and process orders.

Consumers, travel agents and ticketing offices who purchase tour, passenger, venues, event and entertainment tickets from your website will also be able to immediately print their tickets from their desktop printer, at home or office.

Selling tickets through your box office has never been easier.

All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and you can be selling tickets for walk-up customers, phone sales, and mail order sales.

What is MultiLinx?2018-12-28T11:38:56-04:00

IMS Multilinx Portal Multi Tenant module is a powerful portal integration feature of our Reservation Software designed for agents, travel resellers, portal or destination sites and destination marketing websites.

The ODIN Enterprise multi store Reservations & Ticketing platform enables you to easily build hundreds of distinctly branded Reservations & Ticketing websites using a single shared database. Whether it is multiple brands, multiple product catalogs or promotional micro sites, ODIN Enterprise helps you deliver a comprehensive multi-destination Reservations & Ticketing strategy all through a single integrated system.

What is Multi-Tenancy?2017-09-19T13:40:31-04:00

Multi-tenancy is a business strategy in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers, or “tenants”. As it pertains to a Reservations & Ticketing business strategy, multi tenancy gives Reservations & Ticketing businesses the ability to enable tenants to share and customize sections of their Reservations & Ticketing solution. These customizations could include changes to the admin UI, product catalogs, special promotions, etc.

Multi tenant Reservations & Ticketing solutions enable an innovative Reservations & Ticketing business strategy for enterprises because it allows development and maintenance costs to be shared. It also allows enterprises to give access of their full scale Reservations & Ticketing software to their vendors and franchisees, whom may not typically be able to afford such website platforms.

Also, with a multi-tenancy architecture, businesses only have to make updates to their Reservations & Ticketing platform once.

What is COTS/MOTS?2017-09-19T13:36:36-04:00

ODIN is our COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) product that can be used “as-is.” COTS products are designed to be easily installed and to interoperate with existing website system components. Almost all software bought by the average computer user fits into the COTS category: operating systems, office product suites, word processing, and e-mail programs are among the myriad examples.

One of the major advantages of our ODIN COTS software, is investing in a COTS solution includes such benefits as lower initial cost and cost-effective new upgrades with new features..

ODIN is also available as a MOTS (either modified or modifiable off-the-shelf) white label source code install.

ODIN MOTS is available for organizations that prefer pre-developed software, which can be slightly or substantially customized to meet business objectives.

MOTS-based software solutions provide partial or complete access to the source code of the underlying software. You, the software buyer can review the code and product literature to modify the appearance, functionality and/or the business logic of the software.

Moreover, we, whether directly or through your third party development or integration partner, can execute and manage any required software modification & customization.

What is ODIN?2017-09-19T13:34:42-04:00

ODIN “On Demand Integrated Network’ reservation software is our flexible Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS/MOTS) reservation & ticketing software system that can be configured to match the majority of transit, travel & event business requirements.

The ODIN system is an extensible software system, using primarily PHP and MySQLi, developed and written using our knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS®) methodology for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed scalable modular system solutions.

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