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Multi Tenant, Multi Brand, Multi Site with MultiLinx Portal

MultiLinx® Expand by Choice™

IMS Multilinx Portal Multi Tenant module is a powerful portal integration feature of our Reservation Software designed for agents, travel resellers, portal or destination sites and destination marketing websites.

Create more direct sales with IMS ODIN Enterprise Voyager Multilinx Portal Multi Tenant features, designed for property, tour companies, TRANSIT, online marketing companies, groups or chains that are looking for a system that enables each of their vendors or owners to distribute rates and inventory online and become part of a significant and powerful sales, booking, ticketing and reservation e-distribution centre.

For large businesses looking to better enable their vendors and distributors, ODIN Enterprise with Marketplace is one of the most powerful and efficient Reservations & Ticketing business strategies available.

It adds further added value capabilities to our reservation and ecommerce software by allowing an unlimited number of licensed vendor clients to log-in directly to their own secure administrative area and effect changes online at their convenience.

Each vendor client licensed by you, can maintain total control of their rates, pricing and availability, thus allowing retail rates to be sold directly to the consumers to improve their average daily rate and return on investment.

Not only can you dramatically cut administration costs of your destination or portal website, but also, provide small or other establishments with a cost effective reservation solution so that their sales are closed immediately without time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and hotel reservations staff.

ODIN ONLINE DISTRIBUTION 2017 (Click link to download details in PDF format)

Multilinx also comprises:

RezLinx® and RezTXfer® Access to IMS Voyager Reservation Portal Software Sell directly via multiple websites from a single database with the IMS Voyager Reservation Portal Software RezTXfer® licenses added to your central booking and reservation e-distribution centre.

DistribuLinx®, is an OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant XML web services based Reservation Data Exchange Switch. It is fully scalable and easily configurable. It provides travel organizations & Web Portals the ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consume XML or any form of online data from suppliers.

N.B. MultiLinx Portal is standard on Voyager Enterprise & TRANSIT. Multilinx, RezTXfer, RezLinx & DistribuLinx are registered trademarks of Internet Merchandising Systems Inc. Feb 1st 2002

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