ODIN Multi Vendor

Reservation & Product Digital Sharing Platform

Voyager Enterprise Multi Vendor is the perfect solution for travel and other destination web sites with multiple independent vendors and virtual shopping malls with many separate websites.

It provides the multi vendor functionality allowing different vendors to sell and manage their own reservation & ticketing products on multiple website travel destination websites.


Multiple Vendors, Single Website Products from multiple independent vendors appear in the common product catalog and your website visitors are able to purchase at one web site even if your products are supplied by hundred of different vendors from all over the world.

Also, Voyager Enterprise allows you to send payments on the different accounts for different vendors to different payment gateways.

Unlimited Number of Vendor Accounts
The number of accounts is that may be added is unlimited.

Products from Multiple Vendors in One Order
Your customers’ shopping cart can contain products from several vendors, but they will still place one order and pay only once. For proper tracking such order will be then automatically divided into several ones depending on the number of vendors supplying the purchased goods – one order per each vendor.

Also, ODIN allows you to send payments on the different accounts for different vendors to different payment gateways.

Separate Admin Area for Each Vendor/Supplier

Each vendor is provided with a separate admin panel to manage own settings and products. Vendors will not interfere with each other’s activity.

Common or Multiple Payment Processing
The money goes to the merchant account of the root store administrator who then manually distributes funds among the vendors according to the history of orders, which is tracked and managed separately for each provider.

Also, ODIN Enterprise supports multiple payment gateway by vendors and allows you to send payments on the different accounts for different vendors to different payment gateways.

System Administrator to Control the Website
The root administrator has full access to the store setting and the products sold by the vendors. So, you can fully control what is added to your product catalog and pre-moderate your vendor’s activity if required.

You are also able to use the fully integrated sales staff and travel agent or reseller accounts with this feature.

Vendor Payouts Recording
Voyager reservation software tracks payable amounts separately for each of your store’s vendors and provides your vendors, suppliers and authorized staff to monitor all account transactions, etc..

Vendor-specific Shipping Methods
Each vendor in Enterprise can configure own shipping methods for products only and buyers whose orders contain items from several vendors select vendor-specific shipping options at checkout.

Vendor Power Distribution Features

1. DistribuLinx®, is an OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant XML web services based Reservation Data Exchange Switch.

2. IMS MultiLinx® is a powerful portal integration feature of our Reservation Software designed for agents, travel resellers, portal or destination sites and destination marketing websites.

3. ODN is a next generation OTA (OPENTRAVEL™ ALLIANCE) compliant, ‘Non-Proprietary’, multi-platform Internet ‘Cloud’ based, global reservation distribution system. Enterprise version only.

4. IMScart & IMS Voyager was therefore designed using our new knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS) methodology for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed channel solutions.

5. The IMS Voyager reservation system is scalable and takes advantage of MySQLi clustering techniques.

6. IMS Voyager Booking Engine has XML API’s (Application Programming Interface) modules to query the Central Reservation Platform.

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