Mobility as a Service (MaaS)


Maas is a concept where consumers are provided with flexible mobility packages through a single app. Passenger transportation itself is made up of many different types of transport and modes of operation. No mode can take on the task of providing a complete set of mobility.

Being a mobility operator is not just taking your customers from A to B. It’s about going from any A to any B at any time!

This requires a solution that features real devices, real browsers, and an overlay of user conditions that can’t be found anywhere else. The ODIN system is a capable demand response platform that is able to provide a supplementary component to small or medium-size transit agencies for its mobile backend integration.

Connected mobility can take care of that when leveraging the huge amount of data that it’s taking in. You’ll be better able to link the first and last mile of a passenger’s journey and providing them with the appropriate mode of transit that suits them for that specific point in time.