Mobile Ticketing

Mobile Ticketing

Waiting in line and carrying cash is now a thing of the past. Thanks to mobile ticketing, your customers can now purchase a ticket anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection and a smartphone.

Save money with mobile ticketing

Mobile ticketing gives customers the ability to purchase tickets straight from their smartphones, which doesn’t just save them time and money, it saves your resources too.

ODIN is a mobile ticketing platform that will not only allow you to save money on company materials and running costs, but it will open up your marketplace and reservations, allowing them to run 24/7. Through our mobile ticketing technology, customers can purchase their tickets at their will, whatever the time of day, without you having to pay for a forward facing customer advisor for every single ticket sale. ODIN’s mobile ticketing systems will also increase your fare collection capabilities, saving you money in this area of your business too.

Improve company efficiency with mobile ticketing solutions

As well as using it to purchase their tickets, customers can use mobile ticketing to display any tickets they have purchased. This reduces paper usage and speeds up the boarding process for transport companies, and the turnaround time for hotels, restaurants and many more businesses that choose to implement the mobile ticketing software.

Integrate mobile ticketing systems into your business

One of the greatest features of mobile ticketing is its ability to be integrated into your business quickly. A new fare collection structure will usually take weeks or even months to implement, but mobile ticketing technology can often be incorporated into a business in a matter of days.

Mobile ticketing solutions also don’t require as much investment as other new schemes. You can implement the mobile ticketing software within your business at minimal cost, without the hardware expenses that are often associated with new ticketing solutions. Mobile tickets can even be met with visual validation from your staff, but you can of course invest later in the technology to validate the tickets electronically.

If you want your business to flourish in the modern online world, look to mobile ticketing systems to make it happen.

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