Recent studies have indicated that mobile ticketing, where a customer buys a bus ticket on their own mobile phone, reduces passenger boarding times by many seconds per passenger.

This is typically because most bus and ferry services in particular city bus and fast ferry type of operations require passengers to have the exact fair at the point of boarding or to purchase a ticket from the appropriate kiosks or ticketing machines.

Choices available for mobile ticketing typically depend upon customers downloading the appropriate Apple or android app to their smart phone. This enables customers to then purchase tickets; including daily, weekly and monthly tickets which are then paid for using a credit or debit card.

A virtual ticket can then be stored on the passenger’s phone and show to the driver when boarding the bus and /or scanned as part of a boarding or departure control system.

As an adjunct or add-on to an existing legacy system or operation this has a great number of advantages. Of course, this type of ticketing system does not allow advance booking, seat selection, reservations across multiple lines, etc. For this, a more advanced reservation and ticketing system is required.

ODIN Transit available as a “White Label” software solution, provides ticket purchase, display and inspection together with back-end infrastructure for secure payments, ticket management, customer service, reporting and real-time analytics to operate as a mobile ticketing solution.

It also has a number of additional advantages, in that, it is also a full reservation system, and due to its use of responsive templates does not need to incur the additional costs in providing Apple and android applications.

It supports a wide range of merchant gateways, digital wallets such as Applepass as standard, with Masterpass as an option. It also supports full integration with Google maps and location services, etc.