Mobile application integration

The new challenges in the world of mobile development are less about how to develop a compelling UI, but instead, how to connect and integrate mobile applications with backend resources, public APIs and a generally disparate set of systems.

Once you have made the decision to develop either a native (iOS/Android) or web-based application for your mobile device the next major challenge becomes how do you integrate this application to your back-end reservation and ticketing system?

The new “Mobile App” paradigm involves the delivery of dynamic content using HTTP and AJAX, with communication taking the form of JSON data being passed over HTTP using REST services.

Consequently, the integration challenge becomes, how to quickly expose your existing infrastructure to this new ‘mobile delivery channel’, while minimizing changes to your back-end infrastructure.

Organizations that implement the ODIN system are able to achieve this quickly and be able to expose their reservation and ticketing business models to entirely new devices and demographics.

The ODIN system provides significant value here, providing a simple mechanism, or mediation layer, between SOAP/XML based Web Services and REST/JSON applications.

Additionally, they can easily orchestrate sophisticated composite applications from multiple multitenant and back-end services, both REST and non-REST services, to their external consumers.