MerchantOS / LightSpeed Integration

MerchantOS / LightSpeed Integration to Rentals, eCommerce, Transit and Tours, Hotels, etc.

MerchantOS / LightSpeed provides a very robust solution for online POS. In addition to register, customer and inventory tracking, MerchantOS also provides a service tracking module.

Users of IMS Voyager now have the added capability of MerchantOS / LightSpeed Integration directly into their MerchantOS bricks and mortar store via IMS Voyager.

Any or all of our modules support MerchantOS as a standard feature.

For example, you may sell bicycles and also want to rent them online or at your shop or remote kiosks. Then your MerchantOS POS integrated with our IMS Voyager Rental module would allow that.

A few brief notes below show what is currently available.


Ability to add/modify V4.0 e-Commerce Products, Tour Reservation, Transit Reservations, Rentals and Room purchases in the Merchant OS.

For example: Products > Add Product form contains the following block:


If “Update item in the Merchant OS” checkbox is ticked in IMS Voyager, then product will be added/modified in the Merchant OS.

Please note that IMS Voyager administrator has the ability to specify Merchant OS parameters for each IMS Voyager product:

  • – Type
  • – Category
  • – Manufacturer
  • – Vendor

In the Merchant OS the same product details are available on the “Inventory > Item Search” page:


Customers (shoppers).

If shopper completes a registration in IMS Voyager, then they will be registered as a customer in the Merchant OS automatically. In this case all user`s details (first/last name, phone, email, address etc.) will be added to Merchant OS. It is all done automatically – no additional actions are required from the user.


Customers list in the Merchant OS:


Customer`s form in the Merchant OS:


Product prices integration.

Prices added in the IMS Voyager system will be updated for appropriate product in the Merchant OS automatically.

Products > List Products > click on the link “Retail Price”.
All updates will be completed automatically, no additional actions required.


Payment methods integration.

For each IMS Voyager payment method it is necessary to select appropriate MerchantOS payment option:


Order/Sale integration.

User submits an order in IMS Voyager


IMS Voyager will automatically create:
– IMS Voyager order (as always)
– Merchant OS Account/Sale
– Merchant OS Account/Order

Orders submitted from the IMS Voyager will be available in the Merchant OS “Reports > Totals” section:


Merchant OS order/sale numbers.

Merchant OS order number and sale number are available on the IMS Voyager order details page in the admin.area:
Orders > List Orders > click on order number


Inventory update.

After an order has been placed in IMS Voyager, inventory in Merchant OS will be up-dated automatically.


1.1. Installed IMS Voyager V4.0 or later.
1.2. Merchant OS account with enabled API option. We`ll need:
– API Key
– Password
– Account ID

To log-in to Merchant OS we also need:
– Login
– Password
1.3. Server software requirements:
– PHP Curl library:

– PHP OpenSSL library:

1.4. Server must allow https:// and http:// requests to the following domain:

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