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Loyalty Rewards Points

Increase customer loyalty with IMS Voyagers ‘Loyalty Reward Points’ system

Loyalty Reward Points, Loyalty Reward Programs

ODIN Voyager enables personalized and priced seat availability during online shopping process, as well as dynamic “build your own loyalty” options.

The Voyager loyalty module has allows more choice and flexibility through rules-based management of earning and redemption options.

Users are able to build their own loyalty programs by choosing to provide different amounts of rewards (e.g. points) for different products, services or fare bundles presented during the shop process as well as any number of other user-controlled criteria.

Used in conjunction with integrated “Fare Buckets”, Coupons, “Bundles & Package Deals” and “Discount” programs, it provides a unique method of rewarding clients.

Bundle and unbundle products & services for flexible and smart price points – from promotion to purchase.

Voyager stores all products and services purchased and ensure optimization and relevance across all touch points.

The Loyalty Reward Points, Loyalty Rewards Programs module allows you to promote customer loyalty and increase sales by rewarding your customers for purchases through your IMS Voyager system.

IMS Voyager allows administrators to implement a marketing program that mimics the airline industry’s popular ‘miles’. Customers earn points while making purchases then redeem points automatically for discounts and other merchandise.

Let customers accrue points with purchases and use accrued points against future orders

Among Loyalty Reward Points’ unique features:

  • Earning Points. Points are easily assigned to products as a unique points field exists for each product in the ecommerce, tour, hotel, rental and transit modules.
  • The Users/shoppers form in the administration area contains “Points” field where administrator can view and also manually change number of points for this user.
  • A customer can log into their account and view a summary of their available points at their convenience.
  • Redeeming Points. You may set a conversion rate between points and dollars. A 10% conversion rate would mean that customers can redeem 100 earned points by deducting $10 from their next purchase on the store. On the next payment IMS Voyager would add received points and appropriate discount to the order.
  • Or, clients can choose to allocate points as they wish.

If “point’s discount” is greater than the “order total”, then the system will use only appropriate number of points and other points will stay in the account.

Earn Points for Purchases and Actions

Points are earned for purchases based on the conversion rate you set. For example, customers could earn 1 point for every dollar spent. This conversion rate can be overridden at the category or product level, so you can encourage customers to purchase specific products. Points earned are displayed on the product page and on the cart/checkout page.

Redeem Points for Discounts

Customers can redeem points for discounts based on the conversion rate you set. For example, 100 points could be worth a $1 discount. You can set a maximum discount at the cart, product category, or product level that will limit the discount available.

Manage Customer’s Points

Quickly update the points balance for a customer on the manage page. Any changes to a customer’s points balance are then logged and displayed on the customer’s My Account page.

IMS Voyager has lots of reports for sales, coupons, accrued points, points used, etc.

Loyalty Rewards Report

Customer Relationship Management

Keep in touch with your customers. Send them instant rewards, acknowledge your top spenders.

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