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ODIN Software Services!


This page contains many of the operational policies that IMS Software uses in its day-to-day operations and what you may expect when you purchase IMS software.
Privacy – IMS Software respects your right to privacy. Our privacy policy is quite simple: IMS Software will never sell or share your contact information with a third party without your permission.

Software Installation – Software installation is NOT included in the purchase price of the downloadable source code file. Installation service can be purchased separately. This is simply the installation of the software on your server, not the integration of your html or PHP into the software.

Software Configuration – Many configurations can be achieved through the admin back office, also with the sophisticated standard templating system. We provide five (5) hours configuration assistance and training blocks to your technical staff available to purchase. Configuration does not include integration of your website html or PHP into the software

Software Customization – The software can also be customized to your requirements.

A customization charge will be added to the base price of the product. If you need further software customization, please contact our support department to request a price quote. We will provide an estimate after you contact us at sales@rezervlinx.com and provide us with your requested modifications.

We charge a rate of $85/hr US for custom PHP or MySQL programming and $70/Hr US for configuration.

*Please Note: The above price quotes are estimates. Depending on your design needs, prices are subject to change. Please contact our sales department to set-up a free consultation.

• Credit Cards: IMS Software accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards via PayPal. Downloads are available for  2 business days from the date of the order.
• Bank/Wire transfer: Payments can be made directly to our bank for systems configured by us. Request details with order.
• Purchase Orders: Purchase orders for IMS ODIN Software are accepted from government organizations and schools only and must be submitted in hardcopy form. . PO Terms are Net 30.
Support – Technical support is available by contacting IMS by phone (during our regular business hours and published support hours), or email. Technical support is provided free for one (1) year (after purchase or upgrade) of a system installed and configured by us. Reasonable support by email unlimited during the ownership of the software.

What Is NOT Included in Software Source Code Download:
• Training on use of IMS software
• Active configuration of the software
• Customization of any portion of the software
• Data repair and/or retrieval
Keep in mind that these are partial lists and are subject to change without notice. All support will be based on the judgment and sole discretion of IMS and its employees.

Before Asking For Support:
• Have your serial number ready.
• Be at your computer.
• Know basic system information: IMS version, Windows version, which computer is the server, the ftp, username/password for your IMS installation, etc.
• If you are receiving error messages from the IMS product, please have the EXACT error message available.
• Support is $60.00 U.S. per hour. This fee is due at the time prior to service being rendered.
All support contact will be responded to in the same manner in which IMS was contacted. (i.e. a telephone will receive a telephone response, an email will receive an email response…)

Upgrades – IMS Software produces two types of program revisions: Updates and Upgrades.

Updates are those that only change the last digit of the version number. For example, 6.00 to 6.02 would be an update. Updates are usually fixes to the program and may contain minor new functionality. Updates are free if downloaded and installed by the user otherwise a small service charge may apply.

Upgrades are those where one of the first two digits of the version number change. For example, 6.03 to 6.50 and 6.04 to 7.00 would be upgrades. Upgrades contain new program functionality, enhancements, and program fixes. The price of upgrades varies depending on the extent of the new functionality. Users are informed of upgrades through mailed upgrade notices or by email. New registration keys are required for upgrades.

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